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This was my first time to Greenleaf and I came here with a friend. I have not been in Costa Mesa for awhile so this place was new to me even though I am sure its been open for years. One thing that stuck out was the parking problem. This place is so big and so popular, that it takes over the strip mall that it is located in and the parking in the back of the restaurant is limited as well. There is valet parking but that’s not really my deal. Anyway I went ahead and ordered a glass of Juice which was called The Western Standard and I also ordered a Turkey sandwich. Both were very yummy and I really enjoyed the vibe here at Greenleaf.

Even though this location was packed during lunch time, there was plenty of room to sit both inside and outside. It was amazing how long the building was. There was a place to order from, a store inside that you can by stuff from as well as a wine bar. This place looks awesome and there are two other locations in California and I am sure that they are cranking away as well. My friend told me that another thing that they do here is curbside pick up for your online or phone in orders. I think that is a really cool idea and is even better than a drive through because you get that personal touch.


Food pictured below: Turkey Sandwich

5 / 5 stars     

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