Today I went to Chipotle for lunch and I went for a classic burrito. This particular location is situated on the corner of Candlewood and Lakewood Blvd and it is an extremely busy intersection. The Lakewood mall is located directly across the street so that is the main reason that this Chipotle parking lot is busy. I would say that the main reason this parking lot is busy is because of the Chipotle because the food is so darn good!

Today I came in and had a classic steak burrito and a soda. I love the food and the environment of Chipotle. My only complaint is that there are no Chipotle Restaurants closer to my house but when I am in the mood I do not mind hopping in my car and taking the 10 minute drive over there but I must say I am looking forward to the day they yank out a fast food joint and install a Chipotle in its place.

5 / 5 stars     

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13 Reviews

  1. Craig, 2 years ago

    Always loved chipotle…but thier hot sauce isn’t hot enough

       -   Reply
  2. MC Wright, 2 years ago

    I love chipotle! my fav is their asada salad…hot and good :-0

       -   Reply
  3. Wes Wyatt, 2 years ago

    Mmmmm Mmmmm Mmmmmm! I love Chipotle!

    I was just there – in Columbus, Ohio – and as usual it was great!

       -   Reply
  4. Bellesouth, 2 years ago

    I’ve never eaten at Chipotle; however they JUST opened one about 20 miles away in the local college down. I shall have to make a trek!

       -   Reply
  5. Emma Geraln (@EmmaGeraln), 2 years ago

    We don’t have them in the UK (that I know of), maybe one day I can give it a try!

       -   Reply
  6. barry, 2 years ago

    Looks Great, so 10 of 10, If the food is Great give it a nine because no one cooks like my Chef Daughter Does!~

       -   Reply
  7. Bill Clemens, 2 years ago

    The food is ok, when they first opened up in Cherry Hill, NJ everything was great but now they have all the minimum wage people working and they just seem to care as much. Always seems to happen to every new business at some point or another.

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  8. Nicolas Liu, 2 years ago

    Nice restaurant. They have one in my neighborhood.

       -   Reply
  9. bagedi, 2 years ago

    Never been there, but seems good place would like to try their food…

       -   Reply
  10. Scott Allen, 2 years ago

    I *like* Chipotle… healthy, fresh, and I’m generally a fan of Mexican food.

    But in Austin, we have and there’s simply no comparison — about triple the menu choices and a typical “Keep Austin Weird” kind of vibe compared to Chipotle’s corporate feel (not a bad corporate feel, but still very corporate).

    Oh, and habanero salsa for Craig. :-)

    If you’re ever in Austin, look me up, and a Freebird is on me.

       -   Reply
  11. Kimberly, 2 years ago

    I love their chips & guacamole and their burritos are HUGE!!!

       -   Reply
  12. Gremlin, 2 years ago

    I end up at Chipotle every week or two. I never went near one until this year, but I was with someone who stopped in; they’re better than I’d expected.

       -   Reply
  13. Chris Voss, 2 years ago

    Chipolte gooooooooood.

       -   Reply

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