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Today I went to Carl’s Jr to eat breakfast. I tried something new this time which was the Big Country Breakfast Burrito combo. The ad they posted on behind the cashier looked a lot better than what I was actually served but after 30 years or so of fast food restaurants you kind of get used to that.

The meal was good and I love the Carl’s Jr tatter tots so that was a bonus. I like them round and to taste like tatter tots unlike their rival across the street (Jack In The Box) which serves these stick things that taste horrible in my opinion.

I have been to this Carl’s Jr many times over the last couple of years and as I dined in this time I typically use the drive through. One thing that I have constantly noticed with this Carl’s Jr is that no matter how busy they are they always ask you to pull forward and wait. I don’t get it and maybe I am missing something here but I am going to pull forward just enough so they can take the next guys money and I am not moving so the whole pull forward thing doesn’t actually work but it does piss people off.

Carl’s Jr please just be a fast food restaurant and have my food ready when I get to the window. Its not that hard and you managed to do it all through the 80’s and for the better part of the 90’s before you started going with this tactic and it is just bad business in my opinion.

1.5 / 5 stars     
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2 Thoughts on “Carl's Jr

  1. Wow you are such a sad human being…this is what you have decided to complain about, the fact that you are so special that you shouldn’t have to wait a couple of extra minutes for your food? It must be really nice to have such an excellent life that you can complain about this….you are what’s wrong with society…making it all about you and downgrading an establishment for selfish reasons and need to gain perspective

    Tazmon L'vis Sims
    • That is correct. If I want to wait for an extra few minutes I go to a restaurant. When I go to a drive through I expect to drive through. I know I am asking a lot.

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