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A’s Restaurant was the location of our company dinner party this year. I missed the memo that our party was to take place in the private room at the back of the parking lot so I came in and grabbed a seat at the main bar at about 5pm. The lounge and bar area get pretty busy quickly so I was lucking to even grab a seat. After I had a few glasses of wine I decided to go ahead and order a blue cheese wedge salad. By now it was about 5$5 pm and I was wondering why nobody from my company was showing up yet so I started asking around and that is when I found out about the room in the back.

The private rooms was awesome. We had a few different types of wine and it was perfect for 15 or so people to lightly booze it up and socialize and eventually sit down and eat dinner. It was pretty cold out this particular night and even though that room has been around, it sure was nice and toasty in there. We had some yummy horderves and I had a fillet mignon with mash potatoes which was nice and yummy. A’s Restaurant is a pretty cool red place right on the corner of PCH and the bridge to go over the peninsula. There is a little market there and this place used to be called the Arches. It has always been a great place for the locals to enjoy happy hour.

4.5 / 5 stars     

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