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I have heard about the 555 East American Steakhouse for some time now and I have drove right past it a bunch of times but I never got a chance to pull the trigger and go check it out. It is located a block off of Ocean Avenue on Lindon so that is probably why I didn’t go. Ocean Avenue is a bit crowded and typically, you do not have time to check out the restaurants that are located just off the main drag.

Anyway pulled up to the restaurant and went for the $5 valet parking. Its not the cheapest but it is convenient and there are a lot more expensive spots in downtown Long Beach. We went in and got seated immediately. They suggested that you make reservations but that was not a problem for us. I was there with my friend and this is what we ordered.

2 cups of Crab Bisque soup
1 Medium Rare 12 ounce fillet mignon
1 Mediam rare 20 ounce Ribeye
Ice cream sunday for desert.

I was starving so we devoured the soup pretty quickly as well as the bread that they brought out. I only drank water so no fancy drinks for me although their wine selection looked fabulous. The fillet was very tasty. I have not had a 40+ dollar steak in about 6 months so this was a nice treat and it was very filling. It came with one side order and I went with the garlic mashed potatoes.

The 555 East American Steakhouse is a bit out of my price range but it was a very nice place with a cool vibe. If I was to wine an ambassadorship here like I did at the Terranea Reasort, then I would gladly show up once a month for a nice dinner:)

5 / 5 stars     

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