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What is the 36th largest city in the nation and the 7th largest in California? It just happens to be the exact city that is loved by the ironically same initialled resident Louie Baur, known as Long Beach.

Kicking up his heels and relaxing by the beach, to learning a new skateboarding trick, Louie is an explorer, he loves dining out, trying the latest gadgets and most importantly sharing his experiences with the world!

Who is Long Beach Louie?long beach louie Contact

As a native of California Louie has come to adore residing in Long Beach, where the shoreline is long and the beaches are endless. He began sharing his passion for this city as a hobby to learn that with his 7+ years of Internet Marketing experience, he is able to bring others into the world of Long Beach as he sees it through his eyes.


Due to his online popularity Louie has spent many years gaining and maintaining his online relationships and as they continue to flourish and grow he has wanted to give a piece of his life back to the community by providing them a window into his life. He does this by giving reviews on an array of his local adventures to restaurants, hotels, shops and many other businesses in the Long Beach area. Louie also enjoys the latest trends in gadgets and often creates videos, articles and snapshots of where he’s been and the gadgets he has tried. No matter what your business or latest technological gadget you have, Louie wants to share it.

Recently due to the Social Measuring site Klout, Louie is currently the ambassador for the  Terranea Resort located just down the coast in Rancho Palos Verdes, which means that every month he is able to check-in on Foursquare, twit pic about the room or villa he received for that month, share and tag his invited guests that he brings along for them to experience in the fun and is able to share with his community as well as tagging Terranea’s community on Facebook. He also creates videos while he is there to allow others to feel as if they are right there with him or show those who may be thinking about visiting just why they should. Louie then wraps his monthly experiences in a nice bow by writing up an article on you guessed it… Long Beach Louie.

Why Should Your Business Have Louie Baur experience YOUR Long Beach?

Louie has built a massive community across various social networks, which is continuing to grow every day.

Louie has acquired:

Some of the great places Louie has already discovered…

Photos and Reviews:

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Video Review: Overlooking the swimming pools at the Terranea Resort

View more photos, videos, and reviews of Long Beach Louie.

L.B. Loves to Share L.B.

Louie should be your ambassador, simply connect with Louie right here and everywhere on the web. Loving Long Beach is already something you and Louie have in common. Let’s expand and learn how we can share your business or products with our community, let us together show the rest of California, the Nation, heck, the World, just how fantastic Long Beach is and what we have to offer.

Traditional Marketing is not as affective, word of mouth always is. Louie wants to be your mouth.

Want Louie to review your company, place, product or event?

Contact Louie by emailing louiebaur at gmail dot com

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