Back In The Day Aerial Pictures

Back in the day is a car dealership that is located on Avalon Boulevard just off the 405 freeway in Carson. I would have to say that this place has been here for a year or so and you can see it when you are on the 405.

They deal with classic cars and older cars in general. It is fun to check the place out and the guys on the lot are cool with kooky loos.

I thought it would be fun to fly the DJI phantom over the lot so I parked in an abandon lot across the street and flew over Avalon. It had just rained so it was not the greatest day out but you will get the general idea by looking at the pics.

My neighbor has an old Chevy Truck and he has been to a car show here so I imagine that is a pretty cool venue. I love the idea of this lot and I hope they are doing great business!

Written by Louie Baur

RC Depot

I first got turned onto RC depot because my friend went there and bought a DJI phantom with a Zenmuse Gimbal for a very reasonable price. He also got the screen so that he could see where his GoPro 3 was pointing and the last gadget that he got was the IOSD which is the On Screen Display which tells you how far away your Phantom is from your remote.

The owners name is Chiem and you want to deal with him. He will haggle with you a bit and that makes it fun. He has a good attitude and likes to joke around a bit which is also a plus. I went to another hobby shop in Harbor City initially and those guys where pretty rigid.

This last trip I needed a new antenna for my first person view monitor and an extra battery so I headed down to see Chiem. He hooked me up with both of those parts and my friend Craig wanted some replacement parts for his Zenmuse Gimbal so I grabbed him some of those as well.

The battery door on my DjI phantom wasn’t working properly so Chiem took it back and heated it up and made it work better so it’s the little stuff like that that really makes me like this shop and the experience I have here.


Written by Louie Baur

Settles Harley Davidson Repair

Larry Settles has a motorcycle repair shop in Harbor City, California. It is tucked away in some warehouses in the very very back just off of 259th street. When you get there you will see the number on the building and then head for the very back. You will see all the Harley Davidson’s back there and that is the right spot.

My neighbor actually told me about him he said there’s a couple guys that he uses walkers in Carson, motorcycle Mike in Long Beach and Larry settle in Harbor city.

I decided to go down and see Larry settle because I found out that Walker specializes in old bikes and I have a 2008 Electra glide ultra classic Harley-Davidson and I wanted somebody familiar with the new technology. Not that my bike has a whole lot of technology, but it does have some compared to the Harleys from the 70’s.

Larry totally got me dialed in he knows a lot about Harley-Davidson’s he charges fair prices he’s not cheap but he’s not as much as California Harley Davidson which is located about a quarter of a mile away I’m Pacific Coast Highway. I have done business with him twice and let him know I was coming ahead of time and the turn around time on both visits was very quick and I like that!

Written by Louie Baur

Peugeot Fourways

On a recent visit to South Africa, I went to Peugeot Fourways to check out all the different kinds of cars. I was greated by Jody Scott who was very helpful. He new that I wasn’t a serious buyer because I was on vacation from California but he took the time to educate me about the Peugeot brand .

We do not get Peugeot cars here in America so I was interested to learn as much as I could about them. The 208 GTI caught my eye and I thought that was a pretty nice ride.

The set up was kind of cool and it was next to a Citroen dealership. They two brands where connected together and you could walk from one showroom to another. They had a bunch of new cars parked on the grass out on the highway and that looked pretty cool as well. They have really tough grass in South Africa and it is hard to kill it so people park on it all the time. That wouldn’t fly in California lol!

Written by Louie Baur

Just Play Music

As sad as it is, the Internet is causing old-school record stores to become a thing of the past. In fact, Just Play Music is the first one that I’ve set foot in in around eight years both because of their scarcity and because my music needs are pretty much covered.

If people want to steal music this day in age, they will simply download it from the Internet rather than lifting hard copies from a record store which is why I find it funny this particular store has an elevated desk so the clerk was able to view the entire store. But, I digress…

I do not expect a high level of customer service from a record store. I do, however, expect the clerk to be at least somewhat knowledgeable and able to complete my transaction, which was exactly what I experienced. I selected two posters from their excellent selection of Rock N Roll posters, Rush 2112 and Iron Maiden – The Number of the Beast. It was nice that the associate was a fellow Rush fan, which allowed us to discuss the 2112 album for a bit.

Once I got them home, I hung the posters on my office wall next to each other.

I have a new iron maiden and a new rush poster siting on my wall now and I am stoked!

Written by Louie Baur

Danny Gray Custom Harley Davidson Seats

Danny Gray makes really nice custom Harley Davidson seats. They also make seats for other motorcycle brands as well like Yamaha, Kawasaki and Victory. So I went to Orange County Harley Davidson and was asking them about seats and the seat I was looking for was not in stock and those guys referred me up here.

This place is located on Occidental street in Santa Ana. It is actually a few warehouse buildings away from Vk Sports which was a skateboard distributor that I worked at for a number of years.

Anyway I called and talked to Sherry who was very nice and gave me a tour. The first thing she wanted to figure out was if a new seat would solve my problem. See I have really short legs and I need pull back bars for my short arms which will be installed in the next few days and now I want to plant my feet on the ground so I cannot decide if I want a seat or new shocks. Now it seems that I will be able to make it happen with just the seat.

I came here about a week ago and asked if they could modify my current seat because it is heated and came with the 2008 CVO Ultra Classic Electra glide. I have the back rest installed and I had to take that off in order to try out one of their seats. This morning I pulled off my seat, removed the backrest and drove it down. Sherry let me try out one of their seats and it was low enough for sure but I only drove it around the block and when I did it, I had no backrest.

I told her that I was getting the bars done and she told me that I should come back and take the seat for a test ride for like a weekend with the backrest on. She explained that it is going feel different than my cushy seat but my ass would adjust just fine after I put a few hundred miles on it. I agree, this should probably do the trick. I will go back on friday and take it for a spin and see what happens.

Written by Louie Baur

Rob's RC Hobbies

I have been playing around with helium balloons and my Gopro so that I can get into the world of aerial photography. Filling up balloons and attaching my GoPro to the is one way to get up in the air but it makes for very poor video. I realized that I was going to need to go with my original plan of learning how to fly a quadcopter that can actually carry a GoPro that can go up really high and not be effected by the wind and other conditions.

I was at the Golden West Swap Meet when it hit me. I have to go to a hobby shop. After a quick search of the internet, I found that Rob’s RC Hobbies was right there so I went inside. I felt pretty overwhelmed when I walked in because there are so many cool toys. I went straight for the helicopter section and started check that stuff out. Michelle was behind the counter and I told her what I wanted to do and she shared her thoughts with me.

Basically she suggested that I start with a basic helicopter that has three rotors, then go to one that has just the two and then go to the quad copters. Of course I wanted a quad copter so I asked her to point me in the direction of a nice entry level one. The Heli-Max 1SQ has a camera in it as well which really ended up being terrible but I have been flying it for 5 days now and I am getting pretty good at it.

After I play around with this for another week or so I will go back and get something a lot bigger that can carry a go pro. Rob’s staff is knowledgeable and friendly and I walked out with the perfect training quad copter.

Written by Louie Baur

Vitamin Shoppe

I recently was searching far and wide for a great supplement and vitamin store in Long Beach and I found the Vitamin Shoppe on 7th street. This location is horrible to park and access due to its weird location. It is on the corner of a very busy 7th street and multiple diagonal streets make access near impossible. With that aside the selection is impeccable and service is great.

I came into the store trying to find a great pre-workout supplement and instantly I was greeted by an employee who recommended a supplement that would be perfect for me. The prices were high but they had multiple sale items and sale bins with cheaper products. When it comes to vitamins and all your health needs, head to the Vitamin Shoppe to get all the bases covered. Check their website for coupons and special offers as well!

Written by Louie Baur

On Deck Batting Cages

I was in Signal Hill at the Costco and I remembered that the Batting Cages place was there so I decided to go in and check it out. I came in with a friend which was a good thing because you need two people for the slow pitch softball stuff that I ultimately ended up doing.

It was pretty straight forward. You pay $10 for 15 minutes of cage time and the guy took me over to the softball area which kind of lobs the balls at you at 27mph which is nice and slow. I haven’t picked up a bat in 10 years so this was perfect for me.

After a 1 minute tutorial on how the machine works, I headed on over to home plate and my friend hopped in behind the pitching machine. Wow it is amazing how fast slow softballs are!! I did a pretty good job hitting the balls but I was all over the board. Good thing that there is netting all over the place because those balls where flying everywhere.

I worked up quite a sweat in a short 10 minutes and it was pretty hot in there! I did the pitching for a few but my friend was not that into it so I took another crack at it. I already had a blister so it is a good idea to wear some kind of glove because the grips will chew you up. After about 20 minutes we gave the bat back, took some pictures and headed home. It was fun and I will try it again with a glove on this time!

Written by Louie Baur