Michael's on Naples

On Friday night I went over to Michaels to check it out for the first time. I felt like running  through the whole menu so I chose on of the Chef tastings which gave me a chance to really check out what kind of food this place can crank out. I grabbed a seat upstairs in the corner and I started off with a 1948 menabrea birra. It was a nice light beer and it went well with everything. I had 2 of those over the course of the night.


Michael’s on Naples Chef’s Tasting
Michaels On Naples04 300x300 Michaels on NaplesMichaels On Naples01 300x300 Michaels on Naples

Appetizer: Fig with goat cheese mouse stuzzicchino.

First Course: Heirloom tomatoes with burrata, basil, olive tapendade and crostini.

Second Course: Smoked Liberty Farm duck neck ravioli with brown butter, sage, Fontina and breadcrumbs.

Third Course: Grilled Mediterranean sea bass with artichokes, potatoes and Taggiasche olives.

Fourth Course: Speck Wrapped Devil’s Gulch rabbit saddle stuffed with sausage, roasted potatoes and summer squash.

Fifth Course: Gala apple bread pudding with homemade marshmallows and candy pecan


In my opinion, the best place to park is right across the street is a little neighborhood over there and plenty of parking is available if you don’t want to go the valet route. Martin took care of me and Kevin helped me along with Martin explaining the different dishes. This was my first time here and I wanted to go in with a blank slate. Kevin suggested the Chef’s tasting and after scanning what that entailed I was in. I have only at duck a few times and I have never tried rabbit before. It has also been along time since I at Sea Bass. I started with the appetizer and that was really tasty. So was the beer!! I was then brought the first course. The tomatoes where amazing and and I liked to eat the basil with some burrata cheese underneat. Kevin told me that they Basil was from their rooftop garden and I took a peak out there to check that out.

The second course was the ravioli. I got a few pieces of it and it was amazing. I am not sure if I have actually ever sampled duck neck before and this one was probably my favorite dish because I am a sucker for ravioli. The third course was the sea bass. It was served with the whole fish which is different than I normally eat it. It was all deboned and all that and it had artichokes and potatoes under neath it. Wow the fish was so amazing! I was taking bites of fish and artichoke and that was divine! The fourth course was the rabbit saddle. Rabbit is white meat and since I have nothing to compare it to, the closest thing I can think of is chicken. A really yummy chicken:) For desert I had the apple pudding with homemade marshmallows and pecon. This is probably the best bread pudding I have ever had. I was pretty full after this 5 course meal and it really hit the spot. Michael Dene owns the Michael’s Restaurant Group and I have heard that he can be found roaming around this place and he stopped by and checked in on me which was a nice touch. Super cool guy and he runs some first class restaurants!

Written by Louie Baur

El Dorado Bar & Grill

So I came in the El Dorado Grill in part because of the owner ship change about a year ago. The menu has some good South African items on it and that is where Abigail is from so we headed on down. It has been awhile since we went to a South African Restaurant in Long Beach. The last one was the Springbok Bar over in Shoreline Village and that closed down about 3 years ago or so.
El Dorado Bar Grill15 300x300 El Dorado Bar & Grill

The parking lot is big and can hold plenty of cars. The spaces seemed a little skinny but hey this restaurant has its own lot so that is huge. As you approach the front door you will see a patio on the right. It is enclosed and I would say it sits at least 30 people there. When you walk in, you will see the bar off to the left and then main seating area is off to the right. Farther to the right is a stage that bands play on. Its a small stage but stage nonetheless. There is a huge high def tv project thing on this wall. The biggest most hi def screen that I have ever seen in real life. They have a huge one in Hooters but the resolution sucks.
El Dorado Bar Grill12 300x300 El Dorado Bar & Grill
After surveying things we got down to the food. I went with the Eggs Benedict breakfast which came with hash browns and Abigail went for the boerewors Roll. It was Sunday and football was going and this place was jumping. We got our food and the moment of truth came. Ab liked the boerewors Roll. I guess some times they are to dry or something like that but she gave me the thumbs up and I was stoked on the Eggs Benedict. This place has been open for awhile and I am looking forward to coming back another day to meet with the owner Trevor so I can find out more about this awesome restaurant!

Written by Louie Baur

Michael's Pizzeria Promenade

I have heard about Michael’s Pizzeria a few times now and today I decided to shoot down there and try it for Sunday Brunch. I parked across the street in the 2 hour free parking lot but I later found out that Michael’s also has a lot connected to their building which is also 2 hours for free with validation.

I came up and was greeted by Lindsay. She was very nice and found me a good spot to sit inside. A few minutes laterI was greeted by Allison who was my server for this round. I told her that I wanted to sample a few things and she started coming up with some great suggestions for me. After about 10 minutes and just after the Artichokes arrived, the General Manager Chris came up to check on me. We chatted about the restaurant a bit and I asked him some questions about some of the food which is always fun.

So here is what I ate:

Artichokes and Burrata: Confit baby artichokes with house-made burrata and extra virgin olive oil. Wow what a great mix! I have never had these two ingredients together. There were 6 artichokes surrounding burrata cheese. You grab an artichoke and then put some cheese on it and down the hatch. I made quick work of these.
Michaels Pizzeria 09 300x300 Michaels Pizzeria Promenade
Squash Blossoms: Beer battered squash blossoms served with a pesto sauce and an organic honey drizzle over the top. The squash are stuffed and fried and the stuffing has some paprika and cayenne pepper which ads color and flavor.
Michaels Pizzeria 11 300x300 Michaels Pizzeria Promenade

Prosciutto and Melone Salad: Parma hame, cantaloupe, balsamic, and arugula. This one looked really good because the melon part really sounded interesting. So it came with cantaloupe and honeydew slices then on top of that was a healthy amount of Parma hame and that was topped with fresh Arugula. There was a bead of balsamic around the side
and this one just made it up into my favorite salads list.
Michaels Pizzeria 10 300x300 Michaels Pizzeria Promenade

Carbonara Pizza: Provolone, house-made mozzarella, pancetta, asparagus, and two eggs. This was very tasty and it was my first time sampling a breakfast pizza. There were two eggs in the middle and when you cut into them, the yolk blends in with all the other ingredients. I was getting pretty full at this point so I mainly sampled the middle and
I did not get a chance to try the crust.
Michaels Pizzeria 13 300x300 Michaels Pizzeria Promenade

Caprino E Carciofi which is a Wood Cast Iron Frittata. It has Pesto, baby artichokes, fingerling potatoes, mozzarella, and goat cheese. This dish is served with Brioche toast and strawberry jam. I usually don’t hit the dipping sauces to hard but the strawberry jam really mixed well with this dish.

This is a really cool spot on the Promenade and it is located right across from Dave Schneider Jewelry and next to Beachwood BBQ. Above the restaurant are loft apartments and it is all very new looking. This restaurant sits about 90 people. 45 people can sit outside and there is this really cool big firepit table that can probably sit 10 people. Inside can seat another 45 people and you can also sit at the bar which will put you up close to the cooking. The open kitchen concept is really cool and I love to see how things are created so I am totally on board with Michael’s. There are two more locations, one in Rancho Mirage and the other in Naples.
Written by Louie Baur

Big Bite Bacon Fest

I have never been to a bacon fest before and I have to say I was pretty excited. I went with the VIP option and I am glad that I went that route. The Vip ticket allowed you to enter at 11am which gave you one hour with other Vip’ers before the General Admission folks came in at 12pm.

I buzzed through and tried a bunch of different stuff and when the flood gates where opened at 12pm the place got really busy. With a belly full of bacon, I started to roam around and take a bunch of pictures and enjoy some craft beer. They split this event into two events and both of them were sold out. They had a lunch session from 12pm to 2:30pm and a dinner session from 4pm-7:30pm.

Here are some of the dishes that stood out for me:

B’B’B’ Bacon Burgers from Slaters 50-50: I have been to Slaters a few times and I have been impressed both times. This was no exception. They made huge 50/50 burgers and cut them into quarters. They were very filling vs some of the other things that I sampled. Eggs and Bacon on a burger, it doesn’t get any better than that!

Pork Chicharon In Bacon Fat: This was an amazing dish and this booth was slammed from the get go. They cooked their dishes along the side of the booth so you could check it out as you were standing in line which was a nice touch. A lot of vendors chose to cook behind their booths.

BLT Cup from Beachwood Brewing: This one was pretty interesting. They took regular salad and put that on top of tomatoe jello and bacon jello. When you mixed it all up it was the perfect BLT blend.

Chocolate Covered Bacon from Meat Inc: Meat Inc had 3 different dishes but I think I might of liked this one the best. The chocolate was cooked into the bacon grease which saturated it nicely. I did not expect to like it as much as I did.

Maple Bacon Dirty Ice: This was served at the Whole Food booth and was kind of like a dessert. This was one of the last things I tried and it was good way to end a day of bacon sampling.

Vermont Bacon Maple Bars: These were maple bars topped with bacon. It was a nice mixture and also fell into the dessert section.

After I was done with my bacon sampling I roamed around the Queen Mary a bit and actually took the World War 2 history tour and then I watched the girls from the Las Vegas Sin have a scrimmage against the Los Angeles Temptation and that was pretty fun to watch. It was out on the grass area right in the middle of it and a lot of people including myself have never seen them play and that was pretty fun.

Written by Louie Baur

Lucille's Smokehouse Bar-B-Que

Lucille’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Que just opened up on the corner of PCH and 2nd street a few weeks ago so I grabbed Abigail and took her down there for date night. The parking lot was full be we were able to score a spot up front. When we walked in, there were a few people in line but we were greated and seated very quickly. My guess is that Lucille’s has been going full throttle since the day they opened and good for them!

After I sat Abigail down, I busted out my Dji Phantom and made the following video below. I have been flying this thing around for a few months now and it just occured to me that this was the first time I took it over PCH. I got some decent footage outside and now I really had an appetite so it was time for me to go inside.

We started things off with a couple of cocktails. I went with the Cucumber Lemonade which is a vodka based drink that has lemonade, mint and cucumber slices. It is one of those perfect for a hot day kind of drinks. Abigail went with the Spiced Berry Rita which is one of their tasty Margaritas. Lucille’s has a full bar and a cocktail menu so I am sure you will find something you like if you are in the mood for a cocktail.

Lucilles Smokehouse Bar B Que 14 e1405520767296 Lucilles Smokehouse Bar B Que
For starters we ordered the Southern Fried Dill Pickles and the Southern Fried Okra. We went with a half order on both of them because we had full meals right behind the starters. The pickles came in a creole mustard dipping sauce and ranch dressing. I was partial to the mustard dipping sauce my self. The appetizer that I really liked was the Fried Okra. This is not a dish I have very often and it was the bomb. They are little round fried morsels and they cooled down quicker than the pickles did. (I am all about efficiency:) They also came with a Creole mustard sauce and ranch dressing and again the mustard sauce was my sauce of preference for these little guys. They were very tasty and we finished all of them. I am going to need to find more place that serve okra cause it is not a normal California thing or if it is, I always seem to miss it.

For the main course, I had the Lucille’s Marinated Sirloin Steak. I ordered it medium rare and it melted in my mouth. Abigail took a break from the ribs on her plate and came over and grabbed a bit of mine. Boy do they know how to cook a good steak! It also came with vegetables and mashed potatoes but I hit the appetizers a little hard and I had some left over.

Abigail went with the Baby Back Ribs. She also went with the garlic mashed potatoes as her selection for a side dish and I did not hear a whole lot out of her except the sounds of good eating. I grabbed a few of the ribs and they were delicious. I have to admit that I am not much of a rib kind of a guy which is why I ordered the steak. I don’t know a whole lot about the ribs so all I can tell you is that the sauce was the bomb and they tasted great.

Justin was our server and he kept things moving for us. There was never a gap in time where I was sitting there thinking about the whereabouts of my server. The manager Doug Dickson came over and checked on us as well. Customer service is clearly a priority here especially when it is busy. Justin told me that the servers work as a team and different people will be coming out and bringing food and checking on drink refills and that is exactly what happened. What a great experience!

Written by Louie Baur

Fresh Brothers

Fresh Brothers Pizza has ten locations throughout California and, after my experience, I would recommend trying any of them! The atmosphere at the Hollywood location was perfect for my friends and I to catch up, meet new people and eat lots and LOTS of pizza. Given that is has been nearly 12 hours since I’ve eaten anything and I am still in a veritable “pizza coma” I would say it was a success.

The parking fills quickly at this location – big surprise, its Hollywood – but I road my bike so I was able to park right in the front. Once inside, I started counting the televisions. Even for a relatively small establishment I was able to count around 15 flat-screened televisions, two of which pointed outside for the waiting patrons to enjoy and to more in the men’s room – even more awesome!

I would like to thank Debbie Goldberg for being the hostess with the mostess! She made sure our relatively large party of ten had plenty to eat and never let our cups run dry. We started with the fresh garlic knots, which were dusted with Parmesan and served with pizza sauce for dipping, and wings. Next came the salads. I dove right into my BBQ Chicken Salad, which was incredibly fresh. It was barbecued chicken breast served over a bed of romaine lettuce, cheddar cheese, corn, zesty onions, black beans, and topped with fried onions – Wow!

Surprisingly, we still had room for the star of the show – the pizza. There were so many different types of pizza but my favorite was a customer pizza my friend Dimple ordered which is topped with sausage, pepperoni and red onions. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll all see the “Dimple Special” on the Fresh Brothers menu.

Written by Louie Baur

Pho Long Beach

I have driven by Pho Long Beach a million times and I have always decided to keep on driving for some reason. I found myself driving down Magnolia again this Saturday with the wife and she said the she loved Pho and wanted to stop so we did.

The parking lot is itsy bitsy and teeny tiny but we were able to snag a spot. I went in with my iPhone a blazin and I was taking pictures of everything because there was so many cool things to shoot.

It was pretty hot in there which was not that appealing to me and I should have known better than to order hot soup on a hot day but whatever I was sweating my ass off and it was really good!

Pho Long Beach 12 Pho Long Beach
I went with the Rare Steak Pho. Basically the toss so pieces of thinly sliced steak into a steamy broth of yumminess and then they bring out a plate of veggies that you can add in along with it for extra flavor. There were bean sprouts, basil, jalapeños, lime and stuff like that.

It came with these awesome see through noodles and I think they were carb free or low in carbs or something like that. Anway it was an awesome lunch. I ordered the small bowl and it filled me up perfectly. Abigail ordered the large and ended up taking half of it home.

The food was delicious and the guys that were running the place were very nice and served the food quickly. I will be back!

Written by Louie Baur

Pelican Isle

Pelican Isle
16400 Pacific Coast Hwy, Sunset Beach, CA 90742
(562) 592-3221
33.716276, -118.070052

Pelican Isle, Sunset Beach, Bar, Drinks, Lunch, Breakfast Dinner

I met an old friend at Pelican Isle for lunch the other day. I have never been here before so I was excited to check out a new lunch spot which is typically always the case for me.

We sat on the outside patio which over looked the boats that were parked in the harbor. I am pretty sure this is Huntington Harbor but I cannot be sure 100% because I don’t know where Sunset Beach starts and where Huntington Harbor ends.

Anyway I was served and I have to admit the service was a bit slow. My friend ordered hot tea and for some reason the lady that was serving us was having problem bringing that back. She brought back warm water and slightly warmer water but no hot water. Seems simple enough to me, put some water in the microwave and nuke it. Anyway, after about a half hour of this she brought hot water. It was just a little strange.

Other than the water deal, the food was good and so was the view. There are not to many tables out there so it is pretty quiet out on the patio. Not sure what it is like at night when the bar is cranking so I guess I will have to make a special trip to go back out there and check that part out:)

Written by Louie Baur

Agora Churrascaria

This is a great place for meat lovers! Make sure that when you show up here you have a very empty stomach because it is non stop meat up in here! There is a salad bar and there are some yummy pastas and stuff like that at it but as tempting as it may be, I would probably skip the salad bar all together or just hit it very very lightly because you will be stuffed in no time.

The guys with the cowboy hats that come by and serve the meat are the bomb! They do not fool around and they just want to get as much meat out to as many people as possible. Make sure that you have your tongs ready when they come up because the have their hands full and when they cut the meat with the knife you don’t want it falling on the table which explains the tongs.

Lunch is $25 and Dinner is $43. Kids between 6 and 10 years old eat half price.

Written by Louie Baur