Gaucho Grill

The Gaucho Grill is an Argentine restaurant located in Downtown Long Beach. This was my first visit here and I had a great time, enjoyed some great craft cocktails and ate some amazing food.

I came to the Gaucho Grill on Pine Avenue on a Saturday at 5pm with my wife. We had a reservation for 5pm and we were promptly seated. To start things off, we went with the Champagne Mojito and the Peach Martini. Later I followed the Pear Martini with the Old Rhubarb. I have been focusing on Long Beach Cocktails a lot as of late and this is one area that I like to explore when I am going to a new restaurant or bar for the first time. Abigail seems to pretty much always dive into the Mojito department and she loved her drink. Here are the three craft cocktails that we tried.

Champagne Mojito: Bacardi, Chandon Brut, Mint Leaves, Lime, Club Soda and house triple syrup. This variation of the mojito was nice. I have not mixed champagne and rum before and I could easily drink these things all day long

Peach Martini: Grey Goose, Peach and a splash of orange juice. This was served in a martini glass and had a slice of pear in it that was soaked with booze and very tasty. This was a very smooth drink and a great way to get things started.

Old Rhubarb: Angels Envy, Simple Syrup and Rhubarb Bitters. This drink obviously had a bit more kick to it than the mojito or the martini. It had a very smooth aftertaste though. Kind of like that of coconut or vanilla. This must have been the rhubarb because I am new to it. Old Rhubarb is an Angels Envy based drink. I had just met Erik from Angel’s Envy at the Exhibition Room a few weeks earlier so I have been making an effort to support his brand and I also like the taste of the bourbon. Both my cocktails where delicious!
Gaucho Grill 14 Gaucho Grill

After the cocktails where ordered we got some tasty bread and an appetizer. The bread and the dipping sauce for the bread was amazing and if you are not careful you could easily go through a few baskets of this stuff. The dipping sauce had Oil, Vinegar, Lemon Juice, Garlic and Crushed Pepper.

We settled on the Morcilla Argentine which is a grilled argentine black sausage that comes in a black skillet with some chopped tomatoes and cilantro. I have never had a sausage like this before. It literally melted in my mouth. It was good to mix it in with the tomatoes and I wolfed that down in about a minute. The

For dinner I went with the Mahi Mahi on Grill. It comes with two pieces of Mahi Mahi topped with Arrabiata sauce and it was served with mashed potatoes and 3 pieces of grilled zucchini. I have not had fish in awhile and this was a nice change for me. I liked how the Arrabiata sauce complimented the fish and for me it was a good mix. Abigail got the Steak Salad and that came in a cool bowl that had kind of a 45 degree tilt to it and inside was delicious pieces of skirt steak, zucchini, olives, tomatoes, greens and feta cheese. I had a few pieces of the salad and it was tasty. I think the next time around I will probably try one of their steak dishes.

Here are a few notes about the parking situation for the Gaucho Grill. There is a parking garage between 4th Street and 3rd Street that is free for 2 hours. That is a great place to park if you are looking to come downtown for a few hours and not pay to park. If you do not mind paying $5, you can pull into the lot off of Broadway and that is connected directly to the Gaucho Grill. It would be awesome if they had some kind of validation thing for this lot lol.

The restaurant itself is located right on Pine Avenue in downtown Long Beach. It has a pretty good sized patio outside that sits around 30 people or so. As you walk inside, there is a bar to the left and towards the back and then there are booths to the right. If you keep walking all the way through, you hit the restrooms and the parking garage that I mentioned earlier. I loved the decorations inside. The wall we sat at had a big mirror on it and there were squares of cowhide on the mirror in like a checkerboard pattern. To top it off there were purple lights running along the top of the booth which was a nice touch. Speaking of booths, ours was black but right next to us there was an all white booth that sat three people. It was cool how they slotted that into the design. There were about 5 chandeliers in the inside that looked nice and the bar was probably my favorite. It had brick up at the top and 7 half barrels coming out of the wall. There is a wine rack that goes floor to ceiling over by where the managers area is which was also a nice touch. I could actually go on and on with the different details about the layout because I really liked it.

At the end of the meal I grabbed a card from the manager Gonzalo Miorin and I told him that I thoroughly enjoyed his restaurant and the experience that I had there. I’ll be back!

Written by Louie Baur

Reno Room

I came over to check out the Reno room for the first time today and I took my own advice and ride the Harley down here. Good thing I did because there was a ton of construction going on out front and there was no place to park. Speaking of construction, when I went inside there were about 4 guys at the bar talking about construction and speculating as to what the job was, who was doing it and how long it was going to take. After listening to them for about 10 minutes and piping in from time to time, we decided that they were private contractors that probably love working close to the beach in the cool weather and they are probably going to be working here all summer long digging up Redondo Avenue and putting in new corners.

Reno Room 03 Reno Room

Now let me back up a bit and talk about my approach. I had my phone out and this place has been here a long time so there was plenty of cool signage on the outside to take pictures of. As you enter the Reno Room, the bar is off to the left and there are 4 booths to the left as well which can probably seat about 4 people each. The bathrooms are to the right and as you move to the back of the bar you will find two pool tables which I am sure get a lot of action. There is a cool neon sign that reads The World Famous Reno Room.

There is also a taco joint called Cocorenos connected to the bar adjacent to the pool tables which worked out perfectly because I was starving. For lunch I grabbed two beef tacos and they were of good size and more importantly the came out in like 3 minutes. It was kind of cool how they cook the food right in front of you buffet style and that place is a different review for a different day.

For my cocktail selection I went with a vodka soda. I know not a very impressive cocktail but a cocktail nonetheless. I downed my tacos and my drink in short order and headed out to the next spot. As I was leaving I noticed that they had a chalkboard with drink specials and they way they had the bloody mary on there looked pretty good. I think that is what I will have when I am down in the area the next time around.

Written by Louie Baur

The Attic on Broadway

Today I headed down to The Attic on Broadway to check it out. My friend told me about it a week or so ago and said it was worth a look. I headed down at about 1pm or so and I had just eaten lunch so this trip was only to check out a few drinks. I now know that I have to head back for breakfast and for one of their awesome bloody mary’s but we will talk about that later.

I was on my Harley and I use that more and more when I am traveling around in Long Beach. Parking is usually rough but they are lenient on two wheeled vehicles and provide random free spots there and there. I don’t think they had Electra Glides in mind but its still a motorcycle. I pulled up in front of the Attic on Broadway and scored a spot right in front which was awesome.

The Attic on Broadway 12 e1405087718788 The Attic on Broadway

Pear Martini

What makes the Attic on Broadway different is that it is an old house that was converted into a restaurant. I think it is an old 1920′s craftsman home. Anyway, there are two larger rooms inside which I think were like the living room and dining room and it has a good sized space out in front that was converted to tables with umbrellas which makes it a great outdoor spot. You can just tell that this place gets swamped on the weekends. Good restaurants that make good food usually do.

I was greated by the hostess and I told her that I wanted to head to the bar and try a cocktails. She told me that there is a bar but not one that I could sit at but she would be more than happy to seat me on the big patio outside or at a table inside which was two good size rooms. I scoped it out a bit and it was kind of a warm day so I opted for the indoor option.

I was sat and shortly after, Karen came up and told me that she would be taking care of me. I explained that I already had lunch and that I was just there to try out a few drinks. I asked what the special where, and she said they had $3 Mimosas and some of the Martini’s on the menu where only $5. Perfect! I started with a mimosa and that was perfect. I love to drink those on a hot day.

Next on the agenda was to try the Pear Martini. It has pear vodka, simple syrup, champagne and mint and it was delicous. I have never had pear vodka before so that was a treat and I always like drinks that have mint in them. Again perfect for a hot summer day.

While I was finishing up my Martini, I overheard Steve Massis who is the founder talking to another blogger sitting at the table right next to me. I figured I would take the opportunity to introduce myself and to get his email addy so I could show him the write up and pics when I was done. Steve was a very cool guy and he, like me, is also bald and I get along with all bald dudes. It must be a lack of hair thing lol.

Anyway the drinks where awesome and I look forward to coming back and trying one of their bloody marys and their mac n cheese.

Written by Louie Baur

Chianina Steakhouse

Went to the Chianina Steakhouse for a cocktail. I have never been here before and my friend Erik told me that I should check it out. I met him earlier on in the week at another bar in Long Beach called The exhibition room. So parking was a bit of an issue if you don’t want to go the valet route but once I got in there and chatted with a few people, I found out that across the street is your best bet. That would be if you are coming from say PCH and 2nd street into Belmont Shores.

Chianina Steakhouse 03 Chianina Steakhouse

I was greeted by Alejandro and he was really cool. As I was walking up to the bar to grab a seat, I ran into Erik. Small world. I just met him three days earlier. He introduced me to Brad who was mixing up the cocktails and I settled on the Celery Gimlet which was the perfect speed for me at the time. There was a lot of pepper on the glass which mixed well with the Celery taste inside. It was nice and strong just the way I like it.

So I grabbed my drink and started talking to Erik and Brad about cocktails in general and Angels Envy which is the company that Erik works for. They made a new Angels Envy based drink and passed it around for a few people to try and that wasn’t to shabby either.

Unfortunately I was not able to grab any food this time around so I did the one and run thing with this drink. I hope to go back soon because the food menu looked killer!

Written by Louie Baur

The Stache Bar

I decided to finally come down and try out the Stache on a Sunday night at about 7:30. I snagged a spot out front and I was kind of in the red a little bit but I pulled it off no problem. Parking is a bit of an issue here because it is right in the middle of 4th street so if you have a motorcycle (like I do) its probably best to drive that as parking wont be so much of an issue.

The Stache doesn’t look like a very fancy craft cocktail kind of a place as you approach it from the outside. Actually when you go inside it doesn’t really seem like that either but this is the way I like my bars. When I came in the jukebox was playing “A Horse with No Name” by America and people were loud and kind of rowdy. Loving it!

There is a pool table in the back which is kind of where I sat when I bellied up to the bar and there were about 6 people back there playing doubles and having a good time. There was room to shoot pool without jabbing the people sitting at the bar so that is a bit of a bonus.

I ordered the Nose Neighbor which has try organic vanilla vodka, lime juice, simple syrup and fresh mint. I am pretty much a noob when it comes to craft cocktails so I always like to get things started with a Vodka based drink. I liked the vodka and the bits of fresh mint. I think the mint pretty much made the drink for me.

This was my first stop out of three and The Stache Bar has been on my list of places to check out so I did the One and Run thing. Thanks for the great cocktail and see you next time!


Written by Louie Baur

Big Red Bus Craft Beer Tour

I have not been on an organized beer tour before and I found an online deal to booze and cruise in the Big Red Bus and I snatched it up. The meeting point is the Auld Dubliner in Long Beach. We took off at noon but they want you to show up around 11:40 so we can just move on out of there.
I arrived about an hour early and I caught the tail end of the Netherlands / Costa Rica game so that was kind of cool. I had a few beers, busted out the drone and got some aerial shots and then James Dulac from the Big Red Bus showed up and started getting things ready.
It went very smoothly and we were on the bus and driving at noon. I would say there was probably 20 people with us. We were in an old school bus that had cool bench seating that looked like it came out of church or something. Very comfortable!


James gave us a breakdown of what we can expect as we go into the two breweries on the tour and then he offered us a beer that he had in the cool. We all grabbed a beer and we took the 710 freeway to the 405 Freeway because we were headed to the Monkish Brewery in Torrance.

Monkish was a trip and it did not look like a brewery at all from the outside. It was in an office park so it felt like I was making a trip to the doctors office lol. We filed off the bus and into the front area where we exchanged our blue tickets for tokens and we proceeded to taste 4 different beers. Personally I liked 3 out of the 4 that I tired but that is what it is all about right? We were at the brewery for about an hour and everybody had a good buzz. This is what the bus part is all about!
We hopped on the bus and then headed for the San Pedro Brewing Company. We were greated by a guy name James Brown who was very cool and animated and they hooked us up with a chicken taco buffet deal which everybody got into pretty heavily. This brewery did not have a tasting for us so we purchased the flight of beers at a discounted price which I belive was $8.50. After about a half hour or so, James took us downstairs and gave us a tour around of the basement and basically explained how beer is made. After the tour, I took out my Dji Phantom and got some footage of both the front of the brewery and the bus.

After about an hour here, we headed on back to the Auld Dubliner. A few of us stayed there and played Jenga and had another couple of beers before we parted ways. Overall this is a very fun trip and a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon. I am excited to see what other kinds of deals the Big Red Bus has to offer!



Written by Louie Baur

The Federal Bar

I came to the Federal Bar to check out the inside of it and to try one of their Moscow Mules. They are located way down Pine Avenue and typically you have to pay to park down there but I went to the free structure on 3rd and Pine which lets you park for free for 2 hours. I like this option much better!

So lets start off by talking about the building. I am pretty sure that it was a bank in its previous life so this place is huge! It is a great big open space with really cool ceilings and walls. As you walk in there is a bar to the right and then you walk through the dining area and there is another bar that is elevated in the back. You open a door which leads you to a hallway that has bathrooms and that is also how you gain access to the speakeasy that I have yet to check out.

The Federal Bar 11 e1404572889786 768x1024 The Federal Bar
After I roamed around for about 10 minutes taking pictures with my iphone, I went up to the bar where I met Yonatan who hooked me up with a Moscow Mule. It was probably around 4:30 so I was able to get happy hour pricing which basically means you get $2 off craft cocktails. My mule was served to me in a normal glass and Yonatan explained to me that the copper glasses are reserved for people that go into the speakeasy that is located downstairs. That is how I found out about the speakeasy lol.

There is a cool little patio outside and Pine Avenue is a great place to people watch expecially if you can grab a seat on the sidewalk. I finished my Moscow Mule and headed on down to the next spot.



Written by Louie Baur


James Republic

I came here for a few cocktails with a friend of mine. The main reason we came in here was because Melody was working and I heard that she makes good drinks and that was enough for me.

I asked her to make something with vodka in it and she came up with a vodka-based cucumber drink. I asked her what it was called she called it the Spicy Cucumber Louie which had kind of nice ring to it lol. As a newcomer to the craft cocktail scene, I have been drinking quite a few of these vodka cucumber drinks and they do get a bit sweet. Melody fixed that by hitting it with some spice and it was perfect.

I love the open air ambiance of this bar there’s cool pictures all over the place it’s very modern and I dig it. It had a nice breeze blowing through it and I love the patio.

It is located in downtown Long Beach so parking is always an issue. Sure you can get lucky but that’s typically not the case so it’s good to have a plan. If you park at the Marriott that is connected to the James Republic they will validate your ticket and then your good to go with an easy close place to park without the hassle or the money to spend.

Written by Louie Baur

BO-beau kitchen + roof tap

This was my first time in Bo-beau and I heard somebody talking about it at another drinking establishment in downtown long beach. Actually it was Kyle at the Blind Donkey. He said they had a huge patio and that it was pretty cool. That tip was enough for me to saddle up and go check it out. So I have a little trick for going downtown and that is to drive down to the parking garage on 3rd street and then park there for free for 2 hours and that gets me out and about to enjoy a cocktail or too.

This is my first time at BO-beau and they just opened up like a month or so ago I think. The entrance is very cool and industrialish looking outside and they have these cool plants on the walls. When you walk inside the bar is to the right and they have 50 beers on tap and then as you move past that, you enter the dining area. There is a cool fireplace on the back wall with these chains in front of it that look really cool. On top of you there are about 8 huge industrial fans that give you that old factory kind of feel. There are logs stacked up on top of the doorways on either side of the fireplace and its a really nice arrangement.

The ceilings have rectangle cutouts of fabric that they used on the booths and chairs and that is a nice touch. This place is really well done. Also this is only the bottom level. There are two stairwells that lead upstairs and once you get up there its like you are in a totally different place although the decor is industrial and similar. The stairway up front is awesome and very big and really has a great feel to it as you are walking up. There is a full bar up there and it is huge. Not sure how many people it sits but I think its

bigger than the one downstairs. You can grab a seat at the rail and look out onto Pine Avenue which is really nice. I don’t think there are any other elevated patios on Pine so that makes this place really unique.

The service was great and I ordered a few cocktails during happy hour. After a few of those, I went ahead and tried the Duck Fat Deviled Eggs and they were amazing. Obviously they didn’t last long because I just plowed through them lol. There were served in this little black skillet that had some green garnish underneath. Presentation was awesome here. For me the food menu was a little on the pricey side but there are a ton of restaurants on Pine avenue that are upscale so it is not out of the norm at all. I can’t wait to go back again and with any luck they might invite me back for an official Long Beach Louie meet and greet:)