CVS Pharmacy Seal Beach

CVS Seal Beach is your onestop shop for just about everything you could want. This CVS located on Pacific Coast Highway in Seal Beach has everything from beer to baby bottles. I love this location because it is open 24hrs. There have been a few sleepless nights where I have had to get cough syrup or some other medical needs at two in the morning and they were always open.

The store is very bright and smells like plastic when you walk in. There is ample parking and even a drive-thru pharmacy. This CVS is in a great area, great service, and is open 24 hours. This CVS has everything you could ask for from a drugstore.

Jersey Mike's Subs

Jersey Mike’s is a new sandwich shop that was put in at the Long Beach traffic circle shopping center. The employees were handing out free sandwich coupons the week before so I decided to try it! I stepped in and was greeted by a busy sandwich shop with a solid line. It must be good if the line was almost out the door.

I decided to try the turkey sandwich “Mike’s Way” which means with all the fixings. The sandwich was mighty tasty and loved the red wine vinaigrette they put on it. The bread was soft and the meat was cut thin. If I didn’t have a coupon the prices were somewhat steep for a large sandwich but would be worth it. They also were pretty fast to get through the line quickly which was very awesome and efficient. Check out Long Beach’s newest lunch spot: Jersey Mike’s.

Royal Palms State Beach

When we talk about a hidden beach gems located in San Pedro, Royal Palms Beach Park is the first thing that comes to mind. First off, it is not visible from the main road and you must drive down a very long and steep concrete road down to the beach park. That makes it seem very secluded and secret compared too many of the busier beaches in San Pedro. Once you are there the place is magical.

There are areas for surfing, swimming, and even checking out the tide pools. It is a very rocky beach so I would recommend bringing shoes and the water comes up all the way to your car at high tide so there is not much sand to lie on. You must pay for parking which can be expensive but it is worth every penny. It is a great spot I would sit in my car and eat lunch at and look off into the distance to the vast and beautiful Pacific Ocean. I have been coming here for years and Royal Palms Beach Park is truly a hidden gem of San Pedro.

Modern Computers

I am not to happy with Elizabeth. She is not a bad person but she did not properly diagnose my problem and made me pay for her mistakes. In my business, if I make a mistake or do not clearly communicate with the customer, then I absorb the cost for the miscommunication. I do not push that onto the customer!

She only takes cash so charge backs where not an option. Its as if she might have gone through this before.

I wanted my computer to drive 2 27″ monitors at a very high resolution like 2560 x 1600. The card I brought in already drove my both monitors at 1920×1080.

After waiting for about 4 days Elizabeth told me to come get my computer and that I was all set with the newer powerful card and charged me $70 labor and $69.50 for the new card.

I brought the card home and I was running the exact same thing which was 1920×1080.
I kept my cool because she now had collected $145.58 and nothing had been done.

She told me she could fix it with a more expensive card. She installed that and finally did some research and said that my monitors might not be able to go beyond 1920×1080.

This was the case and I wish that Elizabeth would have asked the right questions about my card and my computer vs charging me labor and basically giving me nothing.

In the end she gave me a $50.58 store credit and I am still out the $145.58.

A simple solution would be to charge me nothing or split the labor with me and give me cash but that didn’t happen. I may be the one guy in Long Beach that had a bad experience here and at this point I would have preferred to bring this to the Geek Squad at Best Buy because they would just be straight about it and probably have charged me less.


It’s that wonderful time of year when people start sneezing, coughing, and getting the dreaded flu bug. On a recent trip to find some Nyquil and anything to help my throbbing head I decided to stop at the Walgreens on Redondo and Anaheim. This Walgreens has a new design and has a good sized parking lot.

Right when I walked in it resembled many other Walgreens but the employees were very friendly and happily showed me to the products I needed. There was a wonderful photo area that made it super easy to get high quality prints from your computer and printed out so you can put them in a frame. The grocery items like cereal were priced a little high for my liking and understandable there wasn’t a large selection. There was one thing I noticed this Walgreens didn’t have: alcohol. While that was not something on my list it was definitely something I should note if you are trying to pick up some booze for your Friday night. Overall, this Walgreens had friendly employees and a fast check out which was exactly what I was looking for.

Chevron Seal Beach

When it comes to gas stations upon first glance many seem just the same but there are many big differences that can contribute to your filling up experience. The Chevron station located on 13th and Pacific Coast Highway and has been a favorite station of mine for years. It is rarely overcrowded and is squeaky clean.

The attendants are helpful and it is right on a major thoroughfare, Pacific Coast Highway. The gas prices can be a little steep but saving the stress from driving around in search of a great gas station make it worth it. They do not have a full-fledged mini-mart attached to the gas station so paying for your gas is quick and easy. Fill up at Chevron for a stress free gas station experience.

Point Fermin Park

A recent trip to San Pedro made me realize how many beautiful parks that the city of San Pedro boasts to tourists and residents alike. Point Fermin Park was a park I visited right off Paseo Del Mar and Gaffey Street. There is ample parking on the street and the sight of beautiful trees and colorful gardens make it a feast for the eyes.

There is an awesome walking path right on top of the cliff which overlooks the ocean and views of Catalina and beyond are not uncommon. You can even access the tide pools below and check out all the awesome sea life. Point Fermin Park is one of San Pedro’s must see parks and reason why so many people love to visit this park on a daily basis. It is a very beautiful park located in the most southern part of Los Angeles and the views are spectacular.

Electric Avenue Median Park

Electric Avenue in Seal Beach is one unique street. Apart from having an awesome park to walk your dogs or an awesome gazebo it has an old railcar from the now extinct railroad that passed through this very town many years ago.

I was taking a stroll down Main Street and noticed a bright red train car smack dab in the middle of the park. This sparked my interest and decided to stroll the whole length of the park which stretches all the way to Seal Beach Boulevard to the east. The park had a ton of dogs playing on the nicely manicured green grass and they looked like they were having a blast.

There was even a cool gazebo to relax in that a few people were finding shade under. This is a gem of a park located right in the heart of Old Town Seal Beach. Bring your dog or a loved one to stroll and enjoy this wonderful park.

Korean Friendship Bell

Tucked away in the awesome community of San Pedro lies the Korean Friendship Bell. In the years of growing up in southern California I have never heard about nor seen the beautiful Korean Friendship Bell. Located just off Gaffey Street you pull into a parking lot overlooking the ocean and there lies in front of you a gorgeous multi-colored bell with a beautiful seating area around the bell for a picnic or just to relax.

It is a huge bronze bell with red pillars around it and was dedicated to the city of Los Angeles in 1978. There is even a basketball court to the right of the bell to play a game of ball overlooking a beautiful outlook of the Pacific Ocean. I highly recommend this spot for a picnic with a friend or even just to check out the gorgeous view; I went recently and could see for miles in every direction. They ring the bell only four times a year so it the bell is not loud and won’t wake you up from your afternoon nap!