Seal Beach Pavilions

On a recent quick trip to pick up some last minute Thanksgiving supplies I decided to visit Pavilions in Seal Beach on Pacific Coast Highway. The parking lot was understandably packed but the parking lot was easily maneuverable and had an easy entrance and exit. Walking up to the store, the design and color of the Pavilions was very nice and easy on the eyes due to the recent remodel.

The selection was great and prices were very good. It is a must to use your rewards card which you can get on-site if you don’t have one. I got my stuffing and was on my way in a pretty efficient amount of time. They have the self-checkout which was a breeze when you don’t have a lot of groceries. This is a high quality grocery store without the extravagant prices which was very refreshing. Check out Pavilions in Seal Beach for all your holiday cooking needs.


This was my first time to Greenleaf and I came here with a friend. I have not been in Costa Mesa for awhile so this place was new to me even though I am sure its been open for years. One thing that stuck out was the parking problem. This place is so big and so popular, that it takes over the strip mall that it is located in and the parking in the back of the restaurant is limited as well. There is valet parking but that’s not really my deal. Anyway I went ahead and ordered a glass of Juice which was called The Western Standard and I also ordered a Turkey sandwich. Both were very yummy and I really enjoyed the vibe here at Greenleaf.

Even though this location was packed during lunch time, there was plenty of room to sit both inside and outside. It was amazing how long the building was. There was a place to order from, a store inside that you can by stuff from as well as a wine bar. This place looks awesome and there are two other locations in California and I am sure that they are cranking away as well. My friend told me that another thing that they do here is curbside pick up for your online or phone in orders. I think that is a really cool idea and is even better than a drive through because you get that personal touch.


Food pictured below: Turkey Sandwich


A's Restaurant

A’s Restaurant was the location of our company dinner party this year. I missed the memo that our party was to take place in the private room at the back of the parking lot so I came in and grabbed a seat at the main bar at about 5pm. The lounge and bar area get pretty busy quickly so I was lucking to even grab a seat. After I had a few glasses of wine I decided to go ahead and order a blue cheese wedge salad. By now it was about 5$5 pm and I was wondering why nobody from my company was showing up yet so I started asking around and that is when I found out about the room in the back.

The private rooms was awesome. We had a few different types of wine and it was perfect for 15 or so people to lightly booze it up and socialize and eventually sit down and eat dinner. It was pretty cold out this particular night and even though that room has been around, it sure was nice and toasty in there. We had some yummy horderves and I had a fillet mignon with mash potatoes which was nice and yummy. A’s Restaurant is a pretty cool red place right on the corner of PCH and the bridge to go over the peninsula. There is a little market there and this place used to be called the Arches. It has always been a great place for the locals to enjoy happy hour.

Colorado Lagoon

The Colorado Lagoon for many years was a polluted uninviting swimming hole that we never viewed as a destination for locals to go and enjoy themselves. That was until they revived the lagoon with a multi-million dollar project to clean the lagoon and restore it back to a livable habitat. Now it is a very nice and beautiful location to walk, bring your kids, or just take a second to enjoy the scenery.

There is a great bridge which will connect you with the other side of the lagoon or you can sit down and stick your feet in and enjoy the cleaner and much more appealing cool water. There is a cool kid’s play area with swings and a jungle Jim and there is even a Long Beach lifeguard headquarters right on the beach as well. The Colorado Lagoon has been revived and now is a great place for a barbecue, walk on the sand, or even to take a dip in and cool off during our warm fall climate. It is now lit up at night with beautiful wooden Christmas trees that line the lagoon, so check it out for a beautiful sight!

555 East American Steakhouse

I have heard about the 555 East American Steakhouse for some time now and I have drove right past it a bunch of times but I never got a chance to pull the trigger and go check it out. It is located a block off of Ocean Avenue on Lindon so that is probably why I didn’t go. Ocean Avenue is a bit crowded and typically, you do not have time to check out the restaurants that are located just off the main drag.

Anyway pulled up to the restaurant and went for the $5 valet parking. Its not the cheapest but it is convenient and there are a lot more expensive spots in downtown Long Beach. We went in and got seated immediately. They suggested that you make reservations but that was not a problem for us. I was there with my friend and this is what we ordered.

2 cups of Crab Bisque soup
1 Medium Rare 12 ounce fillet mignon
1 Mediam rare 20 ounce Ribeye
Ice cream sunday for desert.

I was starving so we devoured the soup pretty quickly as well as the bread that they brought out. I only drank water so no fancy drinks for me although their wine selection looked fabulous. The fillet was very tasty. I have not had a 40+ dollar steak in about 6 months so this was a nice treat and it was very filling. It came with one side order and I went with the garlic mashed potatoes.

The 555 East American Steakhouse is a bit out of my price range but it was a very nice place with a cool vibe. If I was to wine an ambassadorship here like I did at the Terranea Reasort, then I would gladly show up once a month for a nice dinner:)

Eliot Lane Historic District

Many people do not know they are specific historic districts the city of Long Beach recognizes by marking the street signs with beautiful white signs and replacing the normal blue street signs. There is one very unique historic district I saw that caught my attention: Eliot Lane Historic District. This historic district is a miniature street not much wider than two cars and there is only parking on the right side due to the street being so small.

The district is comprised of homes between Third Street and Colorado to the north. This one block historic district has small mission revival homes that all have their own unique character. The houses are quite expensive for their small size due to the great neighborhood and it being a historic district. You really must keep your eyes peeled for this historic district because it is very easy to miss it by driving by. Check out this historic district to get an insight to what Long Beach used to look like many years ago and enhance your knowledge of the different historic districts throughout our beautiful city.

Joe Rodgers Field

Joe Rodgers field is entrenched in local softball and baseball history for many years. The field is located right off 10th and Park Street next to Wilson High School and Billie Jean King tennis center. It is also across the street from Blair Field which is a much larger baseball stadium as well. Joe Rodgers is where many local softball teams play their games, and it is also the home field for the Wilson High School Bruins women’s softball team.

Joe Rodgers is the site of the “Long Beach Softball Hall of Fame” and is commemorated by a gorgeous plaque near the third base bleachers. The field was well manicured and the bleachers looked to be in good condition as well. There were no bleachers in the outfield just large metal fences which looked pretty tough to hit a homerun over. While this is no Fenway Park it is a field that many locals have gotten to play on and with that there is a personal connection to this field with many Long Beach locals and visitors alike

Belmont Heights Methodist Church

Belmont Heights is one of the nicest neighborhoods in all of Long Beach and there is a beautiful Methodist church located right on Termino Avenue and Third Street. The Belmont Heights Methodist Church is a cool looking beige church located right in a quiet neighborhood. There are very few parking spots in their designated parking lot but there is ample street parking in the neighborhood.

They have a preschool which I attended many years ago which is one of the best in the city. There is a luncheon style hall down a large cement ramp which many local Boy Scout troops use for their meetings. This church has a ton of history and is a Long Beach landmark. I have a personal connection to this landmark and invite anyone to come check out the beautiful construction of the church and the gorgeous neighborhood surrounding the church.

Berth 55 Fish Market

Berth 55 Fish Market located near the Port of Long Beach, on Pico Street, serves up some mighty tasty seafood. I decided to visit the seafood joint that looked like an old seafood warehouse packing plant on a recommendation from a friend who ranted and raved about this place. I walked in and the sight and smell of fish fills your nostrils. If you don’t enjoy seafood it might be best to stay home but if you like anything seafood this place hits the spot.

I had a huge delicious clam chowder bread bowl and super flavorful shrimp tacos as well. The prices were reasonable and there was a covered seating area to eat as well. This is a local hotspot and I can totally see why, to satisfy your greatest of seafood cravings head on down to Berth 55 Fish Market in Long Beach. They even serve beer and wine as well which make a great pairing to the unbeatable seafood at this epic and unique seafood Mecca.