Payless Shoe Source

I have been going to Payless Shoe source since I was a little kid in 3rd grade off to get new shoes for the first day of school. I stopped by the Payless on Anaheim and Redondo to check out some non-slip shoes for work. Once I parked in the sketchy strip mall parking lot that smelled like wet trash I walked in the store and was greeted by the unique smell of fresh rubber and shoe laces.

The one lone worker was very sweet and friendly and helped me find the non-slip section. On my way there I noticed that had some cool Air walk shoes for sale that brought back memories of the 90ís when Airwalks were cool. The prices were actually a tad higher than I expected but got my non-slip shoes and was on my way. Overall, it was a quick and no hassle shoe buying experience which is always the best kind. Check out Payless Shoe source for awesome deals on quality footwear without the name brand price.

Rogers Middle School

As a former Rogers Mustangs alumnus I cannot tell you enough how awesome Rogers Middle School is. The school is located of Appian Way and Monrovia Street and is located in one of the greatest neighborhoods in Long Beach. There is not much parking in the neighborhood which can be extremely tough right when school gets out. The buildings are a light beige color and there are large black fences on every side of the school.

The school itself is not overwhelmingly big but boasts in huge bright red and white letters: MUSTANGS on the school gym which can be seen from Appian Way. There is a large grassy field and ample basketball courts as well. There is access to the school from the top of Eliot street and when looking down you get a great view of the whole campus. This school has a great staff which has been helping the past, present, and future children of Long Beach, like me, succeed in life and grow as a person. This school is awesome and all I can say is Go Mustangs!

Golden Massage

My wife first went down to Golden Massage and she told me that she just got the best hour long massage for $20. I have to admit I was curious because that is a pretty good price. Even the ghetto places charge $40 to $60 for an hour long massage.

So I went in and it was a totally different layout. There are 6 beds in there there and its one big open room so you are not in private rooms. The first time I went I did the foot massage one for $20. I believe they do you feet for a half hour, your head and neck for 15 minutes and your back for 15 minutes. That was a nice massage but I wanted a bit more because my neck and back where in knots.

I came back for the $30 per hour massage and boy was that extra $10 worth it. I still give a $5 tip but they get you on your stomach and work on your back for a half hour vs 15 minutes which makes all the difference. The neck and head massage is just right for 15 minutes and they still do a nice 15 minute foot massage as well. Go for the $30 one and give them a $5 tip you won’t be disappointed and you will feel great.

The location always has plenty of parking because it is in a huge strip mall. It is somewhat difficult communicating with the massage people but your not paying them to speak english and if you want that you can triple the money and go up the street.

Shore Hotel

When it comes to chic and ultra-hip cities in southern California; Santa Monica comes in at the top. With an eclectic mix of hipsters, actors, pro athletes, locals, and tons of tourists this city is has something for everyone. The Shore Hotel Santa Monica is located directly on the waterfront on Ocean Avenue. It’s a gorgeous super chic luxury hotel that is even environmental friendly.

From the street you can see the amazing pool and the blue lighting above is ultra-cool. The rooms are all decked out and rooms the rooms that have a view of the Pacific Ocean are absolutely breath taking. This is by far one of the coolest looking hotels located right in the bustling city of Santa Monica. If you want an ultra-luxurious getaway in one of the hottest spots in the country definitely check out the Shore hotel in Santa Monica.

Asian Chef

Chinese food has always been a favorite food of mine for some time and finding tasty Chinese food here in Long Beach has been tough. That was until I stumbled upon Asian Chef on Atlantic. This Chinese food restaurant is located in a strip mall so don’t judge a book by its cover, its good. There is ample parking in the parking lot and has lots of character.

It is not a sit-down restaurant where you have a waiter so you get your food fast and cooked to order. I got the house fried rice which was super tasty and had plenty of meat. I also had the garlic chicken which was really good and full of fresh garlic and a large portion of chicken. The prices were okay and they are open at least till nine o’clock every single day. Overall I really like Asian Chef for a fast and good Chinese food spot for the citizens of Long Beach.

Pacific Ford Food Trucks

There is a new Tuesday night activity for us long beach locals to part take in for a great time and delicious food. At Pacific Ford dealership, on Cherry Avenue, six food trucks show up on Tuesday nights from 5:30 to 9:00pm to serve up tasty meals to anyone. The six food trucks are very unique and they are: the Grilled Cheese Truck, Cousins Main Lobster, Schmucks New York Truck, Sweet Es Eats Cupcakes, Short Rib Korean BBQ, and BnR Old Fashion Burgers. As you can see it’s an eclectic mix of great food, great vibes, and awesome event for the local community.

It is also great marketing for Pacific Ford to have a ton of people using social media outlets saying they are at or checking in at Pacific Ford. It is a win-win situation for the citizens of Long Beach, food trucks, and Pacific Ford. This is an awesome must see event so every Tuesday come on down to Pacific Ford for a great time and some scrumptious meals as well. I recommend all of the food trucks and sample one of everything!


Costco has been a household name when it has come to buying in bulk and being a great warehouse style shopping center with great prices. Recently, I visited the Costco in Signal Hill on willow and decided to skip the shopping and go straight to their outdoor food area. The line was about 20 people long so there must be something good with their food. Not only was it great food but UNBELIEVABLE prices, prices so low I thought they were a mistake.

I got a huge Hebrew National all beef hotdog with all the fixings for $1.50. This hotdog was meaty, juicy, and had a soft and delicious bun. Drinks were about a buck and a small sundae was under two bucks. The prices are unreal, portions are massive, and the food is very good. Head on over to Costco for a great cheap lunch but beware it can get really busy, for having some of the lowest food prices in town!

Harbor Chevrolet

I purchased my last car from Harbor Chevrolet. My wife was looking for a good commuter car and we settled on a 2008 Chevrolet Aveo. I have to say that the car was a bit small for me at first but once I started driving it around a bit I found out that I like driving a small car around when I have errands to run. I wanted to find the best Los Angeles Chevrolet deal and I was surprised to find them located so close to my house

The guys at Harbor Chevrolet nice to me and I feel like I got a great price and I negotiated a few extras like putting on new hubcaps which are not major, but they all add up. About 2 weeks ago I took my car in for a tuneup and was impressed with how quickly they got me in and out. Also there were a few recommendations on there for things that I should get fixed but they did not try and bully me into fixing them by telling me my car would blow up if I didn’t get things handled.

I had a great experience purchasing the car and I did have a warranty issue that they took care of for me and now I have had a good experience in the service department. All in all I really enjoyed my experience at Harbor Chevrolet.

Dr. Harry Karp

I have had problems with my neck for the better part of two years now and in the past 10 days Dr. Yuan was able to get me in for an MRI and a Mri reading which then lead me to Dr. Harry Karp.

Here is basically what is going on with me. There are small anterior osteophytes at C4-5 and C5-6 containing anterior disc bulges consistent with spondylosis. On C4-5 there is a marked uncinate hypertrophy on the right side leading to severe foramina narrowing and the hypertrophy is accompanied by intervening disc.

The solution is a shot of cortisone into the area where the disc bulge is. I went in the office and my wife was also going for a shot like this into her back so I figured we could go together and have a nice trip to Costa Rica which will be pain free.

I got a small numbing shot into my hand and then they put in the IV. I am such a baby that this was stressful but after that first little shot I did not feel the IV. The wheeled me into the surgery room and that is where I met Dr. Harry Karp and about 4 other people that where in there to help.

He is a very cool guy and laid back. He told me what was going to happen and what to expect and then they flipped me over onto my stomach so that they could start prepping me. I was talking to them the whole time and we were discussing the 80’s music that was playing in the background.

I remember when they put the anesthesia in me and since this was such a pleasant experience that after a few minutes they said ok Louie we are done. I did not feel the numbing shot and I did not feel the actual shot. Just the way I like it. We will see how tomorrow goes because as of right now I just experienced this 6 hours ago