Eon Asian Bistro

Eon Asian Bistro or En Seafood is a cool little lunch and dinner spot in Costa Mesa. It is a tad hard to find but once you do it is worth it. Its located next to a Rite Aid and there is ample parking. Upon arrival our server, was awesome, great service and very attentive. I had the spicy tuna roll and samurai roll.

The sushi tasted very fresh and was not too overwhelmingly fishy. The Asian bistro had really cool décor and the smell of fresh seafood filled my nostrils. For dessert I had the banana bread pudding, which was delicious and extremely flavorful. Eon Asian Bistro is a cool Asian restaurant in a small strip mall but is big on taste and great service.

Rosie's Dog Beach

Dogs are truly a man and woman’s best friend, and a great way to earn brownie points with your pooch is to take them to the Rosie’s Dog Beach. In between Roycroft and Argonne avenues in Belmont Shore is this pooch haven. Named after Rosie the bulldog, this three acre zone is where you can take your dog for some fun in the sun. There are some rules like only one dog per adult and they must be on a leash as you walk in the water.

This area opened up in 2003 and has been stoking out pups in long beach for almost ten years. So next time you want to do something nice for your dog, take them to Rosie’s dog beach for a guaranteed awesome time for you and your furry friend.


Personally vegetables are not too big of a part of my daily diet unless they are put on sandwich. That is exactly why I love subway, to pile on my daily intake of vegetables on my foot long sandwich. Recently I visited the Subway on Long Beach boulevard to get my daily foot long and breakfast sandwich.

I usually get a breakfast sandwich for breakfast and buy a foot long for lunch later in the day. This particular subway has extremely soft bread which is a rarity among many subways I have eaten at. My breakfast sandwich filled me up right and my foot long turkey, bacon; avocado sub (best one on the menu) was delicious. If your stomach is growling morning, noon, or late night head on over to subway for a fast, quick, and somewhat healthy alternative to fast food.


The Redbury Hotel is an awesome boutique hotel located in Hollywood. It is on the intersection of Hollywood and Vine and is centrally located near the iconic Hollywood walk of fame. Right when you walk in you get the feeling of going back in time to the original early days of Hollywood. The décor is really cool and unique. There is valet parking but it can be quite expensive but street parking is very hard to find or pretty much non-existent.

The Redbury is also a great hotel to stay at because of its close proximity of the LA party scene; you are literally smack dab in the middle of party area 101. So if you and some friends want to stay at a great hotel with quick access to some of the best clubs and bars in Los Angeles, I would definitely stay at the Redbury. Book in advance for cheaper rates as well.

Village Kitchen & Pie Shoppe

A truly good pie is like a work of art and Village Kitchen and Pie Shoppe does it right. Located in Carlsbad, Village Pie Shoppe has been a local favorite for years. When I arrived I noticed there was a good amount of parking and didn’t look too busy. Upon entering the smell of pecan pie and fresh cooked pastries filled the air. The layout resembled a diner layout and was very cozy.

I ordered an omelet and cinnamon roll. The omelet was cooked to perfection and the side of hash browns was crispy and delicious. The cinnamon roll was fluffy and tasted amazing. The icing was sweet and added just the right gooeyness to the cinnamon roll. If you are ever down in Carlsbad check out the Village Kitchen and Pie Shoppe. Whether it’s peach pie or a cinnamon roll the Village Kitchen is the place to fulfill all your sweet tooth needs!

Terranea Resort One Bedroom Casita

Terranea for those of you who may not know is a drop dead gorgeous resort located right on the ocean in Palos Verdes. I recently stayed there in a one bedroom casita with some friends for a couple nights. First off the resort is pristine, beautiful, and a great place to escape from it all. It is only about a thirty minute drive from long beach and it feels as if you are transplanted to a faraway enchanted land. The Catalina buffet is delicious with high quality meats, pastas, salads, desserts, and pretty much anything you can think of. The resort is pricey but like the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. For a great getaway head to Terranea resort for a guaranteed escape from all the hustle and bustle of our daily lives.

There are a few things that I wanted to talk about with regard to the One Bedroom Casita. One thing is that you get a few parking spots which is different than staying in the bungalows or hotel rooms which is nice if you have guests that want to come in and visit you.

I was in casita #24 and it was pretty far off the grid vs where you stay when you are in the hotel or in the bungalows. It was nice and peaceful up there and it didn’t really feel like I was in a resort it just felt like I was in a nice big roomy casita.

There was a washer and dryer in there as well as a full kitchen. The living room with the big tv hanging over the fireplace had seating for 8 pretty comfortably and the bedroom was huge and had a nice big bathroom and big long hallway that lead down to it.

Nike Town

Nike has always been one of my favorite companies to turn to for all my training shoe needs. They consistently put out a good product at somewhat decent prices. When I recently needed some new training shoes I decided to stop by the Nike town located in Beverly Hills. Instantly when you walk in you are dazzled by the amount of shoes and athletic gear that they have at the store. The smell of fresh rubber intoxicates your nostrils and the bright green and yellow Nike’s are a feast for the eyes.

The great thing about Nike town is the selection. Many shoe stores have the exact shoe you want but not in the right size. At Nike town I did not run into this problem, they were fully in stock of every shoe I tried on and the service was great. Whether it be a football jersey or new tennis shoes give Nike town in Beverly Hills a visit and you will be impressed with the service and selection they provide. It is a great place to pick up the new Nike NFL jerseys for the start of the football season as well! GO 49ers!!

Magic Johnson's TGI Fridays

TGI Friday’s has been known to the world as a classic chain restaurant that consistently puts out a decent meal at somewhat low prices. I recently was on La Tijera Street in Los Angeles and decided to stop at Magic Johnson’s TGI Fridays. Being a Laker fan I was more than happy to eat at a restaurant named after a local legend of Lakers history.

The restaurant is littered with a ton of Magic Johnson memorabilia and really makes this TGI Fridays stand out. I had a burger which was decent and the service was pretty good too. Overall, this may not be the place to go if you want a filet mignon but if you are trying to watch the game in a restaurant that has the feel of a sports bar, Magic Johnson’s TGI Fridays is the place to be.

I decided to grab something light for lunch this time around and that ended up being a Blue Cheese Wedge Salad. I know they are not hard to make but I also know that some places make them better than others. This was one of the cases of a really tasty wedge salad.

Food pictured below: Blue Cheese Wedge Salad

Bixby Animal Clinic

Dog breath can be pretty intense sometimes, and when my dog started smelling a little foul I decided to take her to Bixby Animal Clinic. Located on Atlantic Avenue the area it’s located in is Bixby Knolls which is nice and there is ample parking in the parking lot.

Right when I walked in I noticed a cat with a tie around its neck that hung around the office and front desk. What an awesome cat it was and was pleasantly surprised with the great service. My dog got her teeth cleaned which made them sparkle and it definitely improved her breath tremendously. Bixby Animal clinic is the place to go for all your pet needs and wants. They seemed very professional and treated my dog with respect and kindness.