On a recent trip surfing trip down south to San Clemente, we decided to stop at the classic diner, Denny’s. When we arrived at this Denny’s it reminded me much of many other Long Beach and Orange county Denny’s I have visited late night throughout the years. We were greeted by a happy server and sat down at one of their plush red booths.

I ordered a breakfast burrito and my friends ordered the classic Denny’s Grand Slam Breakfast. Our food came out in a very quick amount of time and we dove headfirst into our generous portions of food. Surprisingly, every time I eat a Denny’s I am not disappointed but mildly impressed. Our food was cooked to perfection and tasted pretty good. Overall I can officially say whether in Long Beach or San Clemente, Denny’s is a safe place for breakfast.

Memorial Care Imaging Center

The Memorial Care imaging center is where many people go when they get injured or need some intense medical imaging. With my pretty extreme lifestyle I have visited many X-ray and imaging centers in my life and can say this one is grade-A. The imaging center is part of the Memorial hospital chain and is located on East Columbia Street in Long Beach.
When I arrived here I needed chest x-rays for my yearly physical.

When I arrived the waiting room was very busy but I was seen in a decent amount of time because I made an appointment. The x-ray technician was nice and made me feel at ease. I also learned they do MRI’s at this location as well. If you need a good x-ray or MRI make Memorial Care imaging center top of your list. They are fast, efficient, and can make you x-ray experience a good one. Check with your insurance provider if you qualify for this imaging center before you make an appointment because it could get expensive.

Memorial Medical Building

Memorial Medical Building has been a medical powerhouse in the Long Beach community for over a century. This medical building located on Spring street consistently receives national accolades in many different categories. I decided to visit the hospital and check out the site for myself.

First, I noticed the ample parking located in front of the medical buildings and offices. The landscape was pretty nice with trees peppering the grounds which made the hospital look more inviting. The hospital was extremely busy when I arrived and noticed two ambulances arrive on the scene. This hospital was the place where many of my family members and friends were born which can have a sentimental value to a person. Overall this hospital is a major landmark for many Long Beach locals and visitors alike.

Cerritos Bahia Marina

Boating and water sports have come hand in hand with the culture of Long Beach since the early days of boating. While driving down Loyne’s I noticed a sign for Cerritos Bahia Marina and Cerritos Bahia Yacht Club/ So cal Tuna Club. Being born and raised in Long Beach I have never heard of this marina or yacht club so I decided to check it out. The entrance is just past the Gas lamp restaurant and before the mobile home park on Loynes. To enter you must drive down this narrow driveway to the marina which puts you in a large parking lot right behind the Golden Sails hotel on PCH.

Once you park you are in front of a large dirt patch and must walk to the boats. There are hundreds of boats in this marina and smells of fish and saltwater. And like the name it reminds me of a marina in Baja, Mexico. Overall the marina isn’t that nice but it has a lot of boats and is a good docking place for boats in Long Beach. While driving on PCH I just realized it was the harbor I saw off the Eastern side of PCH where all the boats were docked, and now I know how to get there. Check out the Cerritos Bahia marina if you need a place to dock your boat in a prime location.

Baba Ghanouj

Baba Ghanouj is a restaurant that is a bit tricky to pronounce but don’t be discouraged because this place dishes out some of the best lebanese food Long Beach has to offer. Opened in 2009, Baba Ghanouj is the pride and joy of owner and chef, George Mitri. He was born and raised in Lebanon and upon arrival in the United States he wanted to share his love for his native food to the people of Long Beach.

Upon arrival I noticed the very Lebanese vibe and decor to the restaurant which was very awesome. We sat down at our table and was greeted by a great server. I ordered the Chicken Shwarma and awaited in anticipation. When the food came out it looked and tasted wonderful. The chicken was cooked to perfection and was seasoned perfectly. I hope many people can come visit Baba Ghanouj and try the delicious Lebanese food it has to offer. Whether it be a first date or romantic anniversary if you would like to get out of your comfort zone and try something new, Baba Ghanouj is the place to be. Fine Lebanese cuisine and a great atmosphere is what Baba Ghanouj is all about.

7th Street / Metro Center Station

Public transportation is not southern California’s forte per say but the 7th Street Metro Station in downtown Los Angeles is a pretty fine transit center. I would always take the blue line to various events in Los Angeles and the transfer center is usually the 7th street metro station. Strategically it is in an awesome area of Los Angeles, you can get just about anywhere in Los Angeles County from this station.

Inside the station it is adequately nice and doesn’t smell like many other Los Angeles train stations. The station is broken up into three levels: first is for tickets, second is for the blue line or Expo line, and the third floor are for the red and purple line. Overall this is a good train station for a county that does not have a great public transportation system. While it won’t blow you away in beauty it will get you where you want to go.

KC Branaghans

The neighborhood of Naples in Long Beach is a very unique and beautiful area many residents can’t rave enough about. While taking a late night stroll I came across an Irish bar called K.C Branaghans. I decided to go in and grab a bite to eat and check out this awesome local restaurant. Created in 2007, K.C Branaghans is an Irish Pub and Restaurant with great decor and even better food and drink.

Upon arrival I noticed the cool decor and plenty of barstools and TV’s located throughout the restaurant. There were tables outside and a few large wooden booths on the inside. I ordered the penne pasta and my friend ordered the Cobb salad. We received our food promptly and even though I ordered pasta at an Irish Pub it was delicious. The Cobb salad was top notch as well with prices very reasonable. They have a ton of specials during the week so definitely check this place out. If you are looking for a great local Irish Pub look no further than K.C Branaghans in Naples. With awesome fare and great Irish beers it will be the place to be any night of the week!

BIS Italian American Sports Cafe

I had lunch there today. I chose the waiters suggestion of the seafood special which was a pasta dish with seafood. To my surprise the shrimp were still in their shells, so instead of digging in and eating, I had to tear off all the shell bits to get to the meaty portion.

I have to admit that the shrimp were decent sized but all the stuff that I had to rip off started leaving a bit of a mess on the table. The waiter came over and said something like “hey bro, you mind putting that on a plate or a bowl?” I thought this was a strange conversation since the shrimp should have just been cleaned off in the first place. I surely did not anticipate that I would end up having to shell my own shrimp in order to eat my meal.

When the check was brought out I asked him what the deal was with the shrimp parts on the table and he told me that it was a pet peeve of his not to have food left on the table and he had a real cocky attitude while telling me about how his mom told him to not put food on the table bla bla bla.

The waiter should have probably checked his personal feelings at the door and helped me solve my problem rather than being rude about it. I will not be coming back here again. Oh yea the waiter was a young guy who worked the lunch shift on August 23 at about 2pm. I didn’t care to catch his name. I did leave a review on yelp and the owner of the place who’s name is Roberto Bologna decided to hop into the mix and call me a 4 year old because he didn’t like my negative review.

Ace Hotel and Restaraunt

Ahh the land of hipsters and trendiness, the Ace Hotel and Restaurant. I recently made a trip down to Palm Springs with some buddies and decided to go to the Ace Hotel for some food and their weekly pool party. I had stayed here a few years ago and really enjoyed my time there. We arrived on a scorching 110 degree day and immediately went to the pool. The pool was packed full of the trendiest hipsters I have ever seen and not a seat or pool chair in sight. We waited ten minutes for a single chair to be given up and decided to get into the pool. The pool was refreshing but I really had a bone to pick with the hotel.

They allowed dogs to be at their hotel and they say they are “dog friendly.” Yet there were plenty of pet owners leaving their dogs in the hot sun panting away. There were no water stations or shade for the dogs and the owners would walk their dogs on the pavement, which is almost hot enough to fry an egg on. There was zero enforcement to help the dogs and the place really just pissed me off. We went inside to eat at the restaurant and were greeted with awful service. It took forever for us to get our food and when it did come one of our steaks was charred to a crisp and has a mayo sauce on top of the steak not on the side. Overall I was not pleased with the Ace Hotel and Restaurant, if you like to see a trillion hipsters, some who are literally torturing their dogs in the heat, go have fun there. Otherwise go somewhere else.