Inka Grill

On a recent summer afternoon, I decided to try the Inka Grill located in Costa Mesa on Bristol Street. I have always loved trying to find legit Peruvian restaurants in our area but many came up short. I stopped by the Inka grill and was looking to be impressed by their highly acclaimed Peruvian dishes.

I walked into Inka Grill and the smell of fresh roasted meats and fish filled my nostrils. I ordered the Lomo Saltado and waited for this delicious dish to arrive. For most of you don’t know Lomo saltado is a Peruvian dish consisting of beef marinated in some different sauces and traditionally served over rice with homemade French fries. The Lomo saltado I received was right on point and was utterly delicious. Overall I give the Inka Grill a great review and recommend this place to anyone who enjoys Peruvian food. This place has great Lomo saltado and other top notch Peruvian dishes.

Pacific Ford Auto Body Shop

My car recently needed an oil change and being fed up with junky body shops doing a sketchy job, I decided to take it to Pacific Ford Body Shop. I do realize that people always say taking it to the dealership will be twice as expensive and twice as long in time. My recent trip to Pacific Ford was not that experience at all.

Located on Cherry Avenue in Long beach, upon arrival to the dealership I noticed row after row of shiny new ford trucks, SUVS, and cars. I entered the lobby and was greeted by a smiling secretary who showed me to the service center. They quoted me at an hour wait for the oil change and decided to wait in their lobby. The lobby was nice with plush tan chairs and a flat screen TV. Overall my experience was quick but still expensive. If you want an oil change done right and have a little money to spare take it on over to Pacific Ford in Long Beach. It will be done right in a timely manner which can really give you peace of mind.

Five Guys Burgers and Fries

I have heard a lot of good things about Five guys burgers and fries and the opportunity presented itself for me to show up there yesterday for lunch. I have never been before so even thought the menu is very simple, I had a hard time ordering. The guy taking the order was repeating back my order so fast to me that I was kind of struggling with it which was strange. So once that was out of way my friend and I grabbed a seat in the super duper roomy dining area because I was all about the air conditioning yesterday and didn’t really feel like dining outside.

When my number was called I have a few cheeseburgers and an order of cajun fries in there just waiting for me to eat them. I am glad I ordered the small cup of fries because it was totally overflowing inside the bag and it was easier to just rip the bag that it was served in open to attack the fries. I ordered a double cheeseburger and it was divine. It literally melted in my mouth and instantly became one of the best burgers that I have ever had. It was a totally different style and taste than In-N-Out burger so comparing the two wouldn’t even be fair. I was filled up with a double burger and some fries and I left feeling very satisfied.

Carl's Jr Long Beach Towne Center‎

I was on my way out to my friends wedding in Upland, California and it was right in the middle of rush hour so as I was cutting through Long Beach to get onto the 605 freeway I decided to make a quick stop and grab some food at Carl’s Jr at the Long Beach Towne Center‎.

It is always nice to pull into the drive through and find nobody waiting in line. How come they can’t all be like that especially the In-N-Out drive throughs:) Anyway I pulled in and decided to go with the 5 Piece Hand Breaded Chicken Tenders because I was wearing a suit and a white shirt and I did not want to get a big juicy burger all over me.

The Chicken tenders where pretty big and surprisingly filling. I am not to sure that I would come back and get that again when I am at Carl’s Jr because I like their burgers to much but it worked for this time around for sure!

Claim Jumper

During a recent lunch meeting in Costa Mesa, I had the dilemma of taking my clients out to a quick, easy , and somewhat nice lunch. Down the street I noticed a Claim Jumper. While my past experiences at Claim Jumper have been decent, I decided to give it a shot.

Upon arrival into the Costa Mesa Claim Jumper I noticed some very unique décor. Chairs that looked like they were made from literal tree branches were awesome. The place was very clean and smelled like prime rib. We ordered the chicken pot pie, mahi mahi, and meatloaf. Our server was very polite and knowledgeable with the food and drinks. When we got our food we were pleasantly surprised. The meatloaf was tender and juicy, the mahi mahi was cooked properly and was very tasty, and the chicken pot pie apparently tasted like unbelievably delicious. Overall the place was a surprise in a good way and will recommend the place to other clients.

Also just a tip for if you are going here during the week. If you arrive at 11:30am you will be able to sit right down with no problems. If you wait until say 12:15pm or so you will be right in the middle of the lunch rush.


Kohls is a classic low end department store. The few times I have been to Kohl’s I was greeted by not too happy employees but hey at least I was greated and the selection there was decent. I have to admit that they have unbelievably cheap prices on everything. I decided to pick up some blank white t-shirts at the Kohl’s located on Carson in Lakewood.

There was plenty of parking on a Wednesday afternoon when I went for a visit. Upon entering I smelled the classic department store rubber and polyester smell filled my nostrils. The place was surprisingly clean and had very clean floors. While it wasn’t Nordstrom’s it still held its own in affordable selection and somewhat new and trendy clothes. I checked out with a really talkative and unique cashier and I was on my way. Not much to say about this place, but if you want some essential clothing like socks , shoes, or t-shirts give Kohl’s a look, you will probably find a unbelievable deal. Kohl’s can definitely hold its own in the mid range department store rankings.

Orange County Harley-Davidson

The roar and sight of a Harley Davidson can turn heads just about anywhere you go. If you are truly brave and considering a purchase of one of these motorcycles, Orange County Harley Davidson is the place to go. Located in Irvine is the mother lode of Harley Davidson’s and anything to do with motorcycles. I recently made a trip out there to check out the inventory and give this landmark dealership a visit.

Upon arrival I noticed how clean and polished this place truly was. The bright orange and black logos were just about everywhere. There were hundreds of bikes on display inside and out of the store. Not only did they have motorcycles but they had just about everything. From shirts and sweaters to bobbers and even full service center, like I said this place has it all. This place is absolutely awesome and even though you might not be in the market for a motorcycle it is a great place to stop and look around. Harley Davidson has so much history and for any motorcycle enthusiast this is the place to go.

Golden Eagle Restaurant

When your stomach is growling and you are ever in Signal Hill give Golden Eagle restaurant located on Willow Street, a quick stop in. I had to have a quick meeting with a client in Signal Hill and while driving down Willow Street I came across the Golden Eagle. This place really caught my eye with its big golden eagle logo on the sign outside. The building itself reminded me of an old pizza hut and the outside décor wasn’t that great, but hey sometimes looks can be deceiving. The parking lot was pretty clean and had ample parking.

Upon arrival inside, I noticed the plush red booths and clean interior. I walked up to the register where you order and noticed a multitude of options everything from steak and eggs to gyros it was there. I decided to go with the gyro sandwich. It came out promptly and bit into the delicious looking Greek sandwich. The taste was delicious perfectly cooked and the pita was very soft. Overall I give this place a good rating. The décor maybe outdated but the food was delicious. Give the Golden Eagle a try for some fast and very tasty eats located right in the heart of Signal Hill.

Tutti Frutti

When it comes to frozen yogurt I am a connoisseur. So when I decided to try Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt on Willow street in Signal Hill it had some high standards to live up to. Tutti Frutti has multiple locations throughout the Socal area and on my way home from Costco I saw the place and decided to stop in and try the frozen yogurt.

Upon arrival and entry I noticed the place was clean and had a nice aura to it. I was greeted by a smiling employee and got my cup and looked at the array of frozen yogurt. The handles were clean and there wasn’t an overflow of frozen yogurt on the floor like a few other places ive been too. I decided on the plain yogurt flavor and loaded up on the toppings. Overall this place was good and enjoyed my yogurt to the fullest. So if you are out in Signal Hill on a hot day and want some fast and good frozen yogurt, give tutti frutti a visit!