Nelsons is located at the northwestern tip of Terranea. The theme of the restaurant is based on an old TV show called “Sea Hunt” starring Lloyd Bridges who played sea detective Mike Nelson…hence the name “Nelsons”. Sea Hunt used to be filmed in this location, so its a pretty cool homage to the Hollywood history of this area. There are posters all over the restaurant representing different episodes of the show which are pretty amusing. We decided to head down there for a mid afternoon drink and snack. When we arrived we were told that there would be a 25 minute wait for an outside table which isnt a big deal considering there are benches to sit on that look out over the ocean, so you can spend your wait time whale/dolphin/bird watching. We were called after less than 5 minutes of waiting so we didnt get to sit and contemplate life for very long.

Because of the restaurants location, there isnt a bad seat in the house, inside or outside, it is all ocean view seating. We were greeted by our server and ordered a margarita and vodka soda water. The drinks came quickly and they were not shy on the alcohol, always a plus in my books. The menu offers pretty laid-back type food. My wife ordered the giant pretzel and I ordered a burger with blue cheese. The pretzel is HUGE and comes with mustard and cheese dipping sauces. My wife said it was greasy and salty, 2 of her favorite qualities for an afternoon snack. The burger was really good, cooked just the way I like it and their french fries are thin and crispy and delicious. While we were there, a band was setting up for a live performance later on, so we will probably head back to check that out later.

Catalina Kitchen

The wife and I are staying at Terranea (which is a beautiful resort in Rancho Palos Verde) for the weekend. Our first morning here was started off right with breakfast at Catalina Kitchen. Catalina Kitchen is located on the second floor of Terranea and is right next to the family pool with views of the ocean from any of the outdoor seats. We were seated right away and made a beeline for the buffet. The buffet here is unbelievable!! I have been to a lot of buffets in my life but never have I seen one like this. The selection is endless, including a carved meat station (what? for breakfast? okay!), a bakery selection and an omelette station. I went for the eggs benedict (yep, also part of the buffet), sausage, bacon, potatoes and waffles to die for. I went back for waffles twice, they were that good!


The staff here is super friendly and made sure that our drinks were refilled, they also replaced our silverware every time they cleared a plate off of our table, which is pretty damn impressive! Overall a great way to start our weekend, we’ll definitely be back tomorrow for more!

Guadalupe's Grill

I am constantly looking for good mexican restaurants that are within walking distance of my house. Guadalupe’s is located on the corner of Pacific and Wardlow directly across from the Wardlow Metro Blue Line Station and it is the closest Mexican food place to my house.

The restaurant is located on the corner and shares a small parking lot with about 5 other stores. Parking can be a bit of a challenge here but they do have parking in the street. This place seems like it has more people walking to it and eating vs people driving to it but of course I cannot verify that information.

There is a nice little outside patio with a cool little fountain which I thought was a nice touch and the inside is pretty clean and has tv’s so its not one of those non air conditioned joints that want you to eat and get out asap. I went ahead and ordered something nice and easy and off the lunch menu. I ordered the taquitos which came with brown beans and rice. I wasn’t really that hungry so the portion size was perfect and the food was really good. I do not know what took me so long to get down here to Guadalupe’s Grill but now that I found it I will be coming back on a more regular basis.


Bluff Park

Bluff Park is a park that definitely stands alone when it comes to beautiful scenery and the gorgeous views from the park. Bluff Park is a long narrow park that runs along Ocean Avenue from 20th to 36th place. The park is set atop the bluffs (hence the name) and has panoramic views of the beautiful long beach water skyline. Bluff Park has views of all the oil islands, Belmont pier, Queen Mary, and the port. On some clear days you can actually see all the way south to Huntington Beach and north to Palos Verdes.

This is a wonderful place to go for a run or jog with your family or pets. The park has ample benches for you to relax on or use as a piece of fitness equipment as many of the parks visitors do. When I walked around the park I noticed tons of dog walkers and fitness junkies using this beautiful park as their playground. A fitness trainer was instructing his student to do dips on the park benches and noticed a woman leading a yoga class right on the beautiful grass. This park has it all and is definitely one of the greatest views in all of long beach.


Belmont Plaza Pool

Any pool that once held an Olympic swimming event must be legit, and the Belmont plaza pool definitely is. This pool was actually built for the 1968 Olympic trials and is rich in history and nostalgia. Just the shear size of this Olympic indoor pool is daunting. As you walk in the smell of chlorine fills your nostrils and the sound of water splashing is everywhere. The Belmont plaza pool offers many different swim classes and courses throughout the summer. This is the perfect place to teach your toddler finally how to swim and have the peace of mind to know they are being taught by licensed professionals who know what they are doing.

I personally as a child spent many hours in this pool and can say as a kid this was one of my most favorite places to come and go for a dip. The pool also boasts a weight room adjacent to the pool for you to build up the arms and calves to hit the water. Whether it be for a lap swim or teach your little one how to do the breaststroke the Belmont plaza pool is the place to do it.


Long Beach Kayak and Windsurf Center

The Long Beach kayak and windsurf center located at 3850 East Ocean street is one uber cool store. Aptly named the “fun stuff store” it boasts a variety of new and used watercraft for purchase or to rent. Right as I walked in I was greeted by a very friendly sales associate and was excited to see all the various watercraft they had to offer. The smell of fresh rubber, plastic, and surf wax filled my nostrils immediately. It was overwhelming and exciting to see so many different items in this classic and unique store. There were Stand up paddleboards, kayaks, rollerblades, windsurfing equipment, and much much more. Upon looking I noticed they had very reasonable prices and high quality equipment.

Not only do they sell all this great equipment but they give lessons and rental equipment as well. They give private and group lessons for windsurfing and many other water sport activities. One quick note is that his place is cash only so don’t bring your American express or visa. It is summer time and whether you have always wanted to learn how to windsurf or rent a kayak the Long Beach Kayak and Windsurf Center is the place to go!

Irvine Lanes

I have been coming to Irvine Lanes pretty much since it opened in the 1970’s. They always had the best arcade in town so I would ride my bike down there and go play games like Galaga, Defender, Stargate and Pacman all day long. I am now quite sure when the bowling alley opened exactly but I am sure I started coming here within the first 5 years or so of it being open. There is a boomers in the parking lot that pretty much took over the video game department but I remember when that was an awesome roller skating rink complete with shag carpeting on the walls.

Anyway on this day I went to Irvine Lanes to celebrate my brothers birthday and we had about 20 people and took over the 4 lanes in the corner. There was a ton of food like pizza and appetizers and of course the pitchers of beer where flowing freely. At about 10pm or so the lights went off and everything started glowing and the Rock and Bowl was in full effect. That was about the time that we stopped but it looked pretty fun. Over the years I have had a lot of fun at this bowling alley


California Harley Davidson

I usually do not set out to go directly to California Harley Davidson. It seems like I am usually going somewhere else and I see it coming up on the right side of PCH and then I pull in and then all of a sudden I am deep in the parts department looking at all the cool stuff that they have for sale. They have an awesome parts and accessories department and you can get a lot of cool stuff there for sure. They also have a pretty big showroom with a good selection of Harley’s on display and for sale.

California Harley Davidson has been doing a lot of cool things for a long time. One of the things that I have always enjoyed is there Hogz and Dogz program. Every Saturday during the summer, they haul out the BBQ and cook up hot dogs, chill and chips and serve them between 10am and 1pm. I have been cruising down PCH many times and saw this going in and stopped in for a dog over the years. Sometimes its the little things that get people to really notice you.

FedEx Office Print & Ship Center

This fedex office is located on Atlantic Blvd in the Bixby Knolls neighborhood in Long Beach. On this day I came here to get a few passport photos taken so I could get my passport squared away for upcoming trip to Costa Rica. It was a pretty simple process and I got in and out of there in a short amount of time. I remember back in the day when these stores where just Kinkos before there was office depot and staples and they were always packed and it took what seemed like forever to get any business done.

This was not the case today and I was glad about that. One thing that stood out to me was that the camera the gal used to shoot the passport photos with was really big and strange looking. I don’t know why that stood out to me but I guess a big clunky camera and fast service is better than having a bad experience.