This Subway is located on the corner of Cherry Ave and Wardlow Ave in the city of Long Beach. Its situated in a little strip mall with about 5 other shops so you have to approach it from the right direction or it can be a little tricky getting too. Parking isn’t to bad here and they have these strange extra sideways parking spots that kind of trip me out but I usually find one of them empty and that’s where I end up parking.

I grabbed a $5 foot long sub called the Cold Cut Footlong. I am truly amazed that Subway has been able to stay at these prices for this long. Sure they have moved a few things off the $5 menu but for the most part it stayed the same. I did however read something this week that Subway can no longer continue the $5 promo in the city of San Francisco and that is a shame. It has been reported that they stopped it because of a minimum wage increase. I think that is stupid. Subway has branded the $5 footlong for so long and they did such a good job at it that I would keep it going in every store period. I mean how much could they possibly be loosing anyway?

Wow I got pretty side tracked there. Anyway the Cold Cut Footlong is $5 out the door with tax and can easily be split into two meals. I like to eat one half for lunch and bring the rest home for dinner.

The Queen Mary Hotel

The Queen Mary Hotel was an interesting experience. I have lived in Long Beach for 6 years and had a friend or two stay on board so I finally decided to take the plunge with my wife and I bought the romance package. We brought a board a few bottles of wine so we polished one of those off and then room service showed up with a bottle of Queen Mary champagne and chocolate covered strawberries so we dusted that one off before we headed up to dinner. Then it was off to Sir Winston’s for dinner and finally there was breakfast on board at the Promenade Cafe where we had a buffet style lunch with some awesome scrambled eggs and extra thick bacon.

So that was the food and drink portion of the romance package but the best part was exploring the Queen Mary itself. It is such a huge vessel that there is no way you can even explore all of it at a halfway relaxed pace in a day so we split it up into a two part exploration. We started in the front of the ship on the first way and made our way about halfway down then we had dinner and all that stuff and in the morning after breakfast we spent another 3 hour checking out the front of the ship which was amazing.

Some of the things that you learn about the Queen Mary are simply amazing. Its size for one, the fact that it was named the Grey Ghost and transformed into a troop carrier during world war two is another and then of course there are the celebrities that came on board. Queen Elizabeth was on board which is really amazing, and of course all the displays that have been set up around the vessel. Some are original and some of for show but they are all very cool and you should check them out. Below are some of the photos I shot.

Sir Winston's Restaurant

Sir Winston’s Restaurant on the Queen Mary is one of the finest restaurants around Long Beach. It is located at the front of the ship on the harbor side and is a five star type restaurant. It says that its fine dining and that you have to dress up all fancy but in reality you can get away wearing a t shirt and a pair of jeans most likely. At least the jeans and a collared shirt just to be safe.

We were seated with a great view of the harbor and you could see the whole front of the boat which also makes for a great view. The dining ware was top notch and we started off with some White Zinfandel wine. They brought out some bread and the butter that came along with it was nice and soft and they didn’t skimp on it which is always nice. I had a nice cut of filet mignon which came with mashed potatoes and vegetables and it was divine!

After dinner we stepped into the bar that is located inside of Sir Winston’s and down a few stairs. Everything on the Queen Mary is like walking into a time machine but this place took the cake. It was an awesome bar with great seating and designs on the walls. It looked like it was where the upper class people would hang out back in the day when it was the Queen Mary was a luxury ocean liner. I imagine this bar was for the officers when they covered it to the Grey Ghost which was a troop carrier during World War Two.

The Queen Mary Observation Bar

The Observation Bar on the Queen Mary is probably one of the coolest bars in Long Beach. For starters its on the Queen Mary which is pretty cool all by itself and it has a great view of the Harbor and also Downtown Long Beach.

When we went to the Observation bar, we sat outside behind this plexiglass thing and it was awesome. The wind was non existent so you didn’t need outside heaters and it was really quiet and chill up there. On the weekends they have a band that played but I have not been able to check that out yet.

One of the biggest things that kept me from coming to the bar was that you have to pay those crazy fees to park at the Queen Mary. Well I learned that they do validate and you can go in there and have a few cocktails and whatnot and get out of there for a few dollars instead of $12 or whatever the full price is. Also another option and my new found way of traveling around downtown Long Beach is on the Passport. The C bus will take you up and around Pine Avenue, down to shoreline and the over to the Queen Mary parking lot. This bus is free so you don’t have to deal with any driving and drink all you want.

Metro Blue Line Wardlow Station

The Metro Blue Line Station is located on the corder of Wardlow Road and Pacific. There are quite a few of these Blue line stations that I would never even feel comfortable waiting at but this one is ok and is not to sketchy.

As you are going towards the beach on the blue line, the train rides at street level the whole way to downtown Long Beach so it stops with the cars. You can actually beat the train if you are driving in a car. That discussion is for a different time I am just glad that Long Beach has a train in it.

It costs $1.50 for a one way trip on the blue line and from wardlow station it takes about 15 minutes to get to downtown long beach and if you are going to Pico/Chick Hearn Station to catch a game at Staples Center then it will take you about a half hour. It moves faster going towards La than it does moving south towards long beach for the most part.

Super Massage

I have been coming to Super Massage at the Del amo indoor swap meet for a few years now. The offer a very good 40 minute massage for only $40. The place is located in the middle of the swap meet and sure there is noise around but once they go to work on you, the noise goes away very quickly. This operation is run buy a husband and wife team and their names escape me at the moment.

The guy is the narliest, I have a feeling that a lot of people come in with pain and say hurt me. He is your guy. Its amazing how they can walk around on your back and also make it crack with their feet. Cant say that I have seen that practice in Orange County at all.

The lady is quit a bit softer and I kind of like to relive pain and stress but not be in pain the whole time I am getting my massage so I like to go through her a bit more these days.

The have a clean operation with 3 beds in their booth and one of them is behind a divider thing if you want your privacy. This is a full contact massage so be sure and remove your belt your shirt and anything in your pockets so they can get down to work on you. I give this place 5 stars all day long.

Granny's Donuts

This evening is the night before the 500 million dollar california lottery jackpot so I was trying to find an obscure place to purchase my ticket. There is a liquor store next to Granny’s Donuts and I thought I would go there but then I noticed that Granny’s also had a bunch of those ticket things and was flashing California Lottery all over the place.

I purchased my tickets and the dude behind the counter went on and on about the different ways your money can be delivered to you if you win and how to invest it and what types of tax brackets I would be in and so on a so forth. It was pretty funny, I didn’t need to be closed because I already bought the ticket I just needed to walk out the door. I am glad he talked to me, I normally don’t run into chatty characters when I am roaming around Long Beach at night.


I just returned The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo to my local redbox which is located out in front of Walgreens. This is the closest Red box to my house and I love how cheap and convenient the whole Redbox program is. My only complaint is that when there is a line it takes a long time. There should be some kind of courtesy built into their program that lets the people that want to sit there and browse the movies for 10 minutes and for the people that want to make a quick drop off to beat the 9pm drop off time.

Well I am not sure when they did this but a second redbox machine was added recently and I couldn’t be happier. No more lines and no hassles. Oh yea i forgot to mention if you ever have had any kind of problem with a dvd not playing or reserving a movie only to find it not available when you get there, they are very generous with the free red box codes and then send them via email. Here is a sample and this is why I love Redbox!

Hi Louie
Per our conversation, please accept the following promo codes, good for free, one-day rentals of any DVD of your choice. The codes are valid for 45 days from today’s date. Here they are:

[promo codes]

To use a promo code at a Redbox kiosk, click the “Promo Code” button when you get to the checkout page. You’ll still be asked to swipe your card to cover any additional nights you hold on to your disc. You won’t be billed for your first rental night. Please note that promo codes can only be entered at Redbox kiosks and can’t be used for online reservations.

Only one promo code can be used per transaction.

If you have any more questions, please contact us at 1.866.REDBOX3 (1.866.733.2693).

Redbox Customer Care

Laugh Factory

I never actually went into this Laugh Factory so all that I can talk about is the location that this Laugh Factory is in and what is located around it. I would say this Laugh Factory opened up at the pike about 3 years ago in 2009 or so and it appears to be pretty happening minus the fact that I have never showed up.

Right across the street is the Long Beach Convention Center and the location the pike actually sits on used to be a parking lot for the Long Beach Convention Center. The Laugh Factory has some pretty cool features outside that I took pictures of and that is about all that I can speak of at this time. I will come back and talk more once I get in and see one of the shows.