Fashion Bug

The Fashion Bug is located in the strip mall on Long Beach Blvd and Willow St. It is in between the Albertsons and the T-Mobile store. This is a place that girls go shopping so I don’t have first hand knowledge as a customer of this fine establishment but maybe I will take Ab there and give her a few bucks to try some stuff on and give me some more feedback.

From what I can tell it caters to juniors and prices are probably pretty reasonable and that is based on an assumption on my part because of where the place is located. To be continued…


This store carries the following brands. Misses, Plus, Intimates, Accessories, Footwear, Fine Jewelry, Loop 18


This is my neighborhood Ralph’s and I love it vs the alternative I have down the road which is Von’s on the Bixby Knolls side of the freeway or Albertson’s on Willow and Long Beach Blvd which is just plain ghetto.

I come here and do all my shopping and get my redbox movies which is why I took a picture of it. The have pretty good deals on things I find the prices to be fair when you use the Ralph’s card. So I rate this store pretty darn high.

For some reason the are blowing out Belvedere and Grey Goose vodka for very low prices. If you buy six bottles it costs $18 per bottle vs $40 but the problem is that they never seem to have 6 of them at once. So I go in and buy one at a time for $25 and that still beats $40 by $15 bucks so no complaints from me.

It does tend to get busy in the late afternoons so I like to avoid that timeframe if at all possible.


This McDonald’s is located on the corner of Pacific Coast Highway and Santa Fe. I didn’t really like this McDonald’s because I got a bad vibe from the place. I would be easy to blame it on the neighborhood but McDonald’s has a fairly high standard for its employees regardless of the location.

This is an older store and hasn’t been renovated yet. It has a big photo of the port of Los Angeles and Downtown Long Beach on the wall which is pretty cool. I think I am going to stay away from this place and move a bit east to where the friendlier employees are located.


I got the snack sized chicken bites. They were not bad and I did kind of like the little holder that they built onto the box to hold the ranch dressing. Surprisingly it did not fall over even though the whole set up was kind of jankety so there is that going for them. I will me coming back to this Mcdonalds for sure!

Eddie's Liquor

This Eddie’s Liquor or Eddie’s Jr Market Liquor is located on the Westside of Long Beach and is pretty much like all the rest of these liquor stores.
I don’t know how big this chain of liquor stores is, but there are a lot of them in Long Beach for sure.

This one was a bit sketchy. Had a couple of lurkers outside and of course when somebody smiles at you and calls you Playboy you know he is gonna be asking for money when you come walking out.

I went into the store and took a few pictures, I grabbed a V-8 because that is turning into my drink of choice when I go into these liquor stores to review them and then I walked outside to shoot more pictures out there.

I got about 4 shots of the sign and then the people outside started hitting me up about being put in movies, talking politics and all sorts of nonsense. I told them it was for the internet and I don’t think they got it so I motored on out of there before I had everybody on me asking me what I was up too.

Chevron - G&M Food Mart

This Chevron is located on the corner of Long Beach Blvd. and Del Amo Avenue. Getting in and out of the Gas Station is pretty easy because they have their pumps in the middle of the lot and its not all jammed up like other gas stations that I have been too.

There is a G&M Food Mart on the property and that is where you pay and go get snacks and whatnot. The have drinks and snacks and they also have hot coffee as well as Ball Park hot dogs. I grabbed a hot dog and a monster energy drink, filled up my tank and headed on down the road.

Johnny Reb's

Johnny Reb’s is a classic place to go grab some grub. Its located on Long Beach Blvd kind of close to Del Amo Blvd. It is built in a classic roadhouse fashion and also has a park across the street which is nice if you want to work off the meal you just had.

The whole vibe here is great! It starts with the gravel parking lot which makes it old school then leads to a chicken clucking sound right at the front door and when you enter there are peanut shells all over the ground.

When I came I went with the Old Fashioned Country Breakfast which comes with a two egg breakfast platter served with a fluffy home baked biscuit or toast (white, wheat or sour dough) and a choice of country style potatoes,(make ‘em our famous yankee spuds for $2.95) or hot buttery grits or tomato slices. This was a huge portion of food and I needed to walk around that park across the street to work all that off. I recomend stopping by here for sure if you are in the area. You won’t be disappointed.



Ok so everybody says they go to hooters for the wings. The do have good wings but I think what they mean to say is that they go to check out that Hooters girls.

I enjoy going down there to watch the Lakers games or in the case of last night the NBA All Star Game that was in Orlando. When there is a basketball game on you know you are in Laker territory which is just fine by me.

When you grab a seat at the bar you basically have about 5 different television to watch from just about any angle. They have a huge pull down projection deal in the middle of the place so if you sit down and grab a seat you will for sure be able to watch the game there.

I have always enjoyed the bartenders and last night was no exception. I took it easy this time around and ordered a cobb salad and a diet coke and then I sat there for about 3 hours.

My only complaint would be that parking anywhere in the Pike is kind of a hassle and you have to park in the parking structure. When there is a big game and everybody is pouring out of that structure at once you can get stuck in a line for a long as 15 minutes waiting to go down the swirly things you have to drive down to get out of there. That is my only complaint though.

minilogo Hooters

Virginia Country Club

The Virginia Country Club is a private golf course tucked away in an exclusive Bixby Knolls neighborhood that has very big homes. This is a super exclusive golf club and the regulars that play here have a ton of money. Its funny in this neighborhood you can easily forget that you are in long beach.

Its funny on the Virginia Country Club website it requests a username and password just to get into the website. Thats pretty exclusive! It is called a Private Equity Facility golf course so not being a person that has a ton of cash I have no clue what that really means.

This 18 hole regulation length golf course has 18 holes and the course was designed by William P. Bell, ASGCA/(R) Robert Muir Graves, ASGCA/Edward B. Dearie, Jr. and opened in 1909.
All the pictures that I shot were from the Dominguez Gap trail which is located behind the golf course and I also shot a few pictures of the entrance on Virginia Road. Once I got to the guard gate they made me turn around.

Pike Bowl

This bowling alley is located inside of KDB at the pike. KDB stands for Kitchen Den Bar and it took over Gameworks a few years ago. When I was there last night for the All Star Game there were plenty of televisions to watch. The had televisions right above the pins at the end of each of the bowling lanes.


The bowling lane has a bar, an area with a big screen television which is off to the right as you enter and the bowling lanes are done in a Rock N Roll type of a deal. Everything is enhance by the dark atmosphere and the blue light so everything glows from peoples teeth to the bowling pins them selves. I think there are about 6 lanes and its a pretty cool vibe in the bowling alley.


After 10 pm they don’t let the kids in anymore and I think its better in there with just adults. Parking is available and The Pike parking garage.